Saturday, 21 June 2014

Lovely day out but oh my feet are sore

We planned to have a weekend visiting a nearby villages open garden event.

I packed a picnic and we set off for Barrow on Soar. Signage was no so hot, but eventually we found the local garden club selling plants and bought our programmes. I also bought a plant, a white very tall campanula with a very small flower.

We set off for a walk around the gardens, some were excellent, some okish and some were mediocre, however we enjoyed ourselves. 

We went back to the car and sat on the green by the war memorial and ate our lunch and then took the car down to a road which had 8 small gardens open, all very different. The last one was serving tea, so a cup of tea and a danish pastry went down very well.

Ashamed to say I actually bought 5 plants as well as the campanula. $ ladies mantle and a heliotrope, we used to call it cherry pie, the flowers smell like cherries.

Back home, we were glad to take off shoes and socks and cool our feet and partake of another cup of tea.

The first garden we saw was magnificent, very lush and green with dense planting.

Pretty pink penstamon with a lovely bi colour hollyhock in the background

                         The oldest house in the village. Unfortunately its                               garden was not open.

This garden was also very pretty, lots of Canterbury bells in various colours.

Lovely purple geranium, not sure if the ladies dress was supposed to be rucked up?

This small garden was packed with plants, Lots of mirrors too bouncing the light backwards and forwards.

Clematis Princess Diana.

Someone else grows lettuce in pots.

This garden has been laid out in the last two years, decking ran round one side and across the bottom forming a shady place to sit and eat.

 Small container with a pretty campanula growing out of it.

Someone else grows their hosta in large pots to keep the slugs away.


                         First time I have seen the nigresense elderflower.It                            has very pretty pink flowers

This chappie was happily sat in front of the fireplace in one house where we were invited to view the art work.

Sweet peas growing strongly in the garden where we had our tea and danish pastry.

Thats it folks the tour of the gardens is over.

Time to do somethig about a light supper, egg with garlic mayo and chocolate cheese cake for dessert.

We need to start watering the 60 pots that are sitting out in the shade.


  1. Thank you for letting us join you in the tour of gardens. Some are particularly pretty and colourful. What a lovely day to view them all, and have your tea and Danish too. I really liked the garden with what looked like an old mangle. Some people have great ideas. Hope you can put your feet up now, take it easy and enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

  2. What a treat to go to the open gardens even with you and DB!! The photos are lovely and even more so as I clicked to enlarge them. What wonderful things the gardeners had done to make their gardens beautiful. Those stone walls helped!

    What did DB choose for his birthday gift?

    I'm glad your new home has a nice garden for the two of you to make glorious with your many, many plants!

    Perhaps a dose of aspirin at bedtime will give you a good night's sleep after all of that walking?


  3. From Margie in Toronto - thank you for the lovely photos - those gardens are just lovely - and it looks as though it was a gorgeous day weather-wise. Hope you have a good night's rest.


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