Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lazy day

Another sunny and warm day. Towels put on the whirly to air in the sun.

Estimator came from the company we used to move here, it was nice to see her again, she was shocked when we told her what had happened.

DB spent the morning in the garden painting preservative on the shed and putting another layer on the containers I cooked spag bol for lunch as we are going out this evening.

Another of the clematis is out, a reddish purple one.

I put together another table mat from the  three dudes blocks, this one is just a small one of two blocks, I need to layer it up, quilt it and put the binding on.

We had ham and tomato sandwiches for tea, we are getting cake and tea at DD2's later.

I have to admit to being very tired and achy today, DB sat outisde reading I had a Nana Nap on the settee.


  1. I hope this estimator gave you two a better quote for the move since you're return customers, are doing most of the packing and moving yourselves, and are going only two miles. One can hope!

    I look forward to seeing your two dudes block creation and applaud your decision to nap. Wishing you well to thwart the aches you've been feeling.

    Have fun tonight!


  2. I have a nana nap every day. I am glad to see someone else has one. Sorry to hear about your having to move again so soon.
    Myra, from Winnipeg, Canada, where I am having an exhausting day with the 3 g'daughters I am helping to raise.


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