Friday, 20 June 2014

Its a new day

DB had palpitations yesterday so a chance to try out the medication he was given by the Doctor last week. 1/2 a tablet after 20 minutes slowed them down, he took another half at 6pm but when he went to bed they ramped up again so another 1/2 and they went, so a limited success.

We sat in bed just after midnight eating cup cakes and drinking tea, his 81st birthday had arrived.

This morning we went into town to take library books back and a visit to the farmers market where we made enquiries about a stall. The first week we go the stall is free after that its £2.50 so I think we will be having a go at that, we might also try for a table at the Sunday Boot fair, there is a bigger footfall then but people are looking for bargains. The chap with the plants was there, I bought another campanula, white glomerata this time. His plants are always very healthy looking.

Lovely afternoon sitting in the garden. DD2 came and brought OH his card and present. He is getting my present tomorrow, we are going to an open garden event. His choice, so I will treat him to a cream tea.

Tired today it was after 2am before I drifted off to sleep and I was awake just after 8am. So an early night methinks.

Supper fish and potato wedges, slices of DD2's cheese cake for dessert.

The friday clean has gone by the wayside this week, I did just shove the dyson over the carpet before we went out. The kitchen will have to wait.


  1. Happy Birthday to DB!!!! and many more ...!

    It sounds like you two had a very nice day out and about, including the little party just after midnight to usher DB's birthday in! Have fun at the open garden event tomorrow, too. I hope the weather is beautiful so you and others can enjoy everything without lugging umbrellas along.

    Wishing you great success with the booth and hope your customers are looking for quality work as you're brilliant at that.

    Sweet dreams tonight!


  2. Happy Birthday.
    Have a great Day!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mr Blondie Blue Eyes xxx

  4. Happy Birthday to your DB!!
    What a nice deal for a stall at the market, I would love that to sell all my bits and pieces. Do you have a lot of items in reserve to sell, or will you have to get busy and make a bunch.
    Love from Pam in TX.

  5. A very happy birthday to DB,

  6. I m sure there is a system that allows you to block anonymous comments.


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