Sunday, 29 June 2014

I am so sad

12 years ago we went to LA to stay with DB's cousins wife, we did not know it then but it was to be our last visit. We stayed for 3 weeks one week of which was on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where they had a time share.

One of the things we brought back were coffee mugs, the one I use has the island on it and some of the indigenous wild life. I have used it every day bar holidays for my breakfast coffee. It has a very large crack in it and a chip on the edge. I think its been caught on the tap whilst being washed. I am so sad it is going to have to be thrown away. The chip is right on the edge where you drink. DB.s also has a crack but no chip so he can still use his for the time being.

Apart from the photographs we have of the three visits to the US, some Christmas things we were given and a bone china Dutch girl who stands on the shelves in the hall they are the last links with some wonderful times we had.

Sadly H died from cancer in 2006, we do miss her.

DB bowling this afternoon, so bacon sandwiches for lunch, he had a yogurt I finished off the nectarines from the market. I am going to do a bit more of my waistcoat this afternoon. I did manage to clear a cupboard in the kitchen this morning, some more stuff for the boot sale. I also found evidence of mice in the cupboards again, so everything out and washed in very hot  soapy water. Also made a cheese cake, there are enough strawberries left to do the top edges.

Not a very nice day, dull and overcast, it did rain this morning, cleared up but now its looking iffy again.


  1. why not use it to keep your pens in or plant a small plant

  2. From Margie in Toronto - you take such lovely photos - would it be possible to make a small montage of the items that you have from those trips, including the mug, so that you have a remembrance of it before it has to be thrown out? Just a small suggestion to help preserve the memory.

  3. That's a good idea from anonymous above, I have a favourite but cracked mug on my desk with pens etc in. Or perhaps you could use it in a similar way in your craft room?

  4. As the first poster suggested, I glue up cracks and then use come mugs I love and can no longer drink from to hold pens, pencils, sewing room items like narrow rulers and other such. I have these mugs not only in my sewing room but beside the chair where I read and beside a different chair where I usually watch TV. If your mugs from Hawaii and the California trip can be rescued from the bin, I hope you'll consider this use for them.

    Cheers for the knitting and packing you accomplished!

    Big hugs!


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