Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hopefully we have a new home.

We went to look at the house this afternoon, it was fine, its gradually being decorated just now and is to get a new back door and kitchen window in the next couple of months.

Back garden

And again, the pots will be going to be replaced with ours.



House to the left is ours.

Front bedroom. Back bedroom is full of boxes packed up ready to move.

Kitchen units by Ikea.

Sitting room.
Also at the hospital this afternoon, no real news except that the tests indicate that DB's heart is fine.

Sausage, mash and beans for supper, I opened a tin of peaches for dessert, we finished off the ice cream. I need to make some more.


  1. That's good news - let's hope that you'll soon be in and settled again - just a shame that you've got to go through all the upheaval again so soon xxx

  2. The house looks lovely. I really hope you get it as your new home.

  3. I'm sure you'll soon make it homely. The rooms look small, perhaps it's the camera angle. I wonder where you'll eat? The present layout of the furniture in the sitting room looks rather odd as if they sit looking towards the under the stairs area, isn't there a focal point in the room, a fireplace or similar?

    As you're obviously downsizing such a lot will you have to dispose of much stuff? One good thing though you'll have lots less cleaning!

    Is there parking for your caravan? Or even your car? It looks as if you have a shared path at the front.

    It'll be interesting to see what you do with the garden as I've recently moved and my garden is similar although a good bit bigger. Not had chance to do anything with it yet.

  4. Cheers that you have a new home since your current LL has been so horrid about pulling the rug out from under you in not telling you her plans to demolish your lovely current home. I know this must be a relief but am sorry it's necessary.

    Sweet dreams!


  5. Got everything crossed for you and hope that this move is hassle-free - wishing you the best of luck and a smooth transition - hope it isn't too far to go xxx

  6. Hopefully, this house will be everything that you have been looking for. It certainly looks very nice, especially the back garden and the kitchen. Fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan. When will you be able to move in?

  7. It looks very nice. Plenty of room for the caravan by the looks of it and your very own garden to put your lovely plants in. Fingers crossed for an easy move!

  8. I was so sorry that your LL upskittled you so much with regard to their plans. Let us hope that they do not come off and the next lot of tenants are no where as lovely as you two obviously are. Sorry, I know that sounds nasty; but people should make up their mind and stick to it, they are playing with your dreams. New house looks great and you will soon make it your own. Love the garden and kitchen and it looks a light and yet cosy home. Love Andie

  9. It looks nice. I hope you can live there for a long long time.

  10. So glad things are looking up on the home search front, it looks lovely & will soon benefit from your touch & your green fingers I'm sure. Fingers crossed all goes through alright. Vee x

  11. The new place is so charming and the garden area is quite nice. I hope the move goes smoothly and that you can settle in quickly.

  12. Good luck with the move, house and garden look lovely! :)


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