Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Back on my feet

After yesterdays little hiccup. It was not a pleasant experience, but after a decent night sleep and a lie in this morning I am feeling a lot better, so its back to life as normal, more or less.

Nothing much done today, I am just taking it steady, its a week today we get the keys. The agents have been in to do the inventory and are very happy with the place. N was just finishing  painting the kitchen.

Tomorrow I need to wash the towels and get them dry, must have a look at the forecast.

DB is out at a meeting tonight so needs his supper early, quiche and salad, with a bit of help he cooked his own supper last night, fried eggs and potato wedges.

Late this afternoon, we had some very welcome rain, we have had to water by hand the last few times.

We do not grow a lot of plants in pots, those we have dug out and potted up will go back into the garden once we have dug it over and put some compost on it. We are not on a water meter here but will be at the new house, as we were when we were in Asfordby. We managed quite well, even as low users, by collecting clean  (non oily)washing up water and using it on the garden.

Two of the clematis will be grown on in pots the rest planted in the ground in the spring when they have had time to recover from being lifted again.

I ordered some campanula seeds which have come today, so I will be starting them off once we get moved.


  1. Good to have you back. Was worried DB was sick, but it seems to have been you so hope your well recovered today. We also had a bit of rain last night, but not enough to soak the dry ground enough so will have to water once again. Take care of yourself as you are going to be really busy for the next month.

  2. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and are being wise by taking it easy today, It's no fun to be under the weather and it's good it didn't last long.

    Cheers that your new home is being freshly painted and upgraded so all will be clean and nice when you start moving in. How are you going to get your china dresser to the new house for painting? Do you know what color is the kitchen being painted?

    Take good care of you!


  3. I was sorry to hear you've had some sort of mishap, were you ill or fell or something? I can't see that you wrote about it on here. Glad all ok now.


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