Saturday, 14 June 2014

At Last

The letter arrived this morning, so the house is ours with an entry date of 1st July. On top of the rent and deposit they are charging us £50 administration fee when they have already had £250 out of us, it makes you sick..........

However at least now we can go forward knowing that we will be out of here by the end of next month. Even then its going to cost me money as unless the LL manages to rent the place from August we have to pay Augusts rent. I think that rather doubtful as anyone who comes to look at the place will have to be told its a short term contract as the house is to be demolished.

DB spent most of the morning digging up plants to take with us, no way am I leaving anything here that I put in, 10 clematis to come out as well, thats not going to be easy, some of them are in flower.

We saw K one of the upstairs tenants yesterday, he has been away on holiday. He too has been refused letting out of his contract so he will be stuck here until the end of September. He is not happy about the situation but like us there is nothing he can do. I am still feeling very angry at the way we have been dealt with, so underhand when she knew all along what was going to happen.

The rain arrived at lunchtime, but it was fairly short lived, so OH spent a bit more time in the garden later in the afternoon.

I had a table runner to quilt, so did one side before packing in for the day. Having a small harp when you have been used to a big one is not easy to get to grips with.

Also tried to get a quote for putting up a dish for the freestat. £105!! they tried to get me to sign up. Forget it sunshine. I need to sort out plus net for broadband etc as well.

Liver and bacon, mash cauli and carrots for supper Chocolate fluff for dessert.


  1. Cheers that you and DB are clear to start moving July 1 and can take your own sweet time to do all you plan to do yourselves.

    Good grief! Will the nickel and dime fees never end? I still wish there were laws or some organization protecting renters from greedy, bad LLs and I still hope that the planning dept. refuses permission to demolish such a grand old building.

    Well done on all the preparations made to move the garden plants you and DB just put in. Again, double work that is all LL's fault.

    I'm glad to hear you got a bit of stitching done and hope it was a satisfying pleasure. Photo? Today I'm excavating the sewing room mess in hopes of finding a box of blocks and making better use of this small space. I haven't been going long and am tired already.

    What is chocolate fluff? Sounds good!


  2. Some landlords can be utter barstewards :( Can't Citizens Advice help?
    At least you can get organised with stuff - especially your lovely plants :)
    You've made me hungry - I love liver and bacon.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  3. I do hope you have lots more GOOD lucky in your new home in July

  4. Just put a stop payment on the August rent cheque. The landlord would then have to take you to small claims court and would it really be worth her time and energy?

  5. Do hope you have taken some advice from solicitors about the prolonged payments.


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