Monday, 2 June 2014

Aother disappointment

We thought we had found a house yesterday, phoned this morning, its gone over the weekend,typical.

Monday clean done, I also managed to clean the saucepan I burnt last night whilst cooking the supper, bio powder is great!!

Not such a nice day today, sunshine in bursts, DB has been sitting out.

I had a comment from Gwen yesterday about the cost of moving, The actual move will be around £500, I have no idea where you live but moving 150 miles for the amount you paid is amazing. The £2000+ I have put away is for the upfront searches, £250 Deposit around £800, one months rent between £525 and £600; guarantors, because we no longer work,fees £50 and the inventory fees. So as you can see having paid out a similar amount when we came here in March, having to find it again so soon is a large blow. I just cannot stay somewhere where we have no certainty about what is going to happen.

Waiting for the courier to come and collect the small machine I sold on Saturday.

Supper tonight, cold chicken with something, possibly salad.


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry for this disappointment but hope it means that you'll find and get an even more suitable home soon. Will you need to phone the rental agents instantly when you see the listing instead of waiting until the work week?

    Again, that cost for moving such a short distance is staggering.

    Wish I could help.


  2. Praying for you, you seem to have had no luck WS xxx

  3. The £350 we paid to the removal people (a reputable firm) was just for moving us, we did our own packing. They were brilliant and put all our furniture etc exactly where I wanted it to go in the new house.

    We own our house so still had to pay solicitors and estate agents. But I still think the £500 you're expected to pay for removals is steep just to move in the same town, have you had several quotes? I suppose it's difficult to get an exact quote until you know where you're going.

    Do tell us what you're looking for this time, similar as now, single story, town or outskirts?

    Good luck with your house search.

  4. Gwen, not only did we do our own packing we moved everything but the large furniture ourselves. We had several other quotes when we moved in march the one we chose was the cheapest.


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