Friday, 6 June 2014

Another day

The sun is shining, towels out on the whirly, windows open.

Thank you for the comments yesterday, we are relieved even though it is going to make a dent in our finances yet again!!

The lounge looks small because the two settees are very large, not suitable for the room at all and they face that way because the TV is on a table under the stairs. Our furniture is more compact and we will not have to get rid of anything, there is space for it all. The kitchen is a dining kitchen, room for a table and chairs. Depending on how we arrange the furniture we could have a table in the sitting room as well. Our dining table is a gate leg not so awkward as a full size table.

 The house will be easier to heat being smaller.

 I love this house and the space but the uncertainty of the situation was just too much. I had more than a melt down moment at lunchtime. DB has emailed the LL to tell her what we propose to do, so we wait now for her to come back to us.

There is room for the caravan on the front and parking for 2 cars, so thats ok, we have to put down 2 slabs for the caravan wheels to stand on and a small one for the jockey wheel.

Our neighbours in the other bottom flat have also found a house close to the school the children attend, and the upstairs tenants are also going. So the house is going to be empty. Our agents said they would not take on the letting again as the situation is so uncertain.

Its been a really lovely day, warm and sunny. DB spent time this afternoon sorting out the herb garden that stands by the door, he had potted up the herbs and emptied the planter..

No fish tonight, chicken kiev, and salad. I mad some ore ice cream so peaches and ice cream for dessert.


  1. Wishing you a chance for some luck, hopefully it will be a better move. WS xxx

  2. It's good everyone is moving out. I'm sure the LL won't be pleased at all. They think they can treat you badly and have it all their own way.

  3. It sounds like you've had a nice day and tears every now and again help so much.

    I'm happy to hear your furniture will all fit in your new home and wish you success in finding some strong young men to move the heavy things and save you the ridiculous fee that removers charge.

    Your current LL has no one to blame but herself if the lovely building she wants demolished stands empty for years if planning permission for the demolition is denied. It is ridiculous that perfectly good homes are torn down and the wonderful mature trees around them that provide O2 and shade are sacrificed for the almighty dollar - or pound.

    Cheers for lovely weather, too! Today is delightfully sunny and cool here, too.


  4. I feel that you have been treated shockingly, but am very glad that you have found somewhere else now. I'm sure that the other tenants are all very annoyed and upset by the landlord's unfeeling attitude.
    Moving house gets so much harder as one gets older.


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