Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Another Day Another ?Pound

Well the courier did turn up yesterday but went to Number 1. I have rebooked for today, and also phoned and asked them to pass a message on to the courier who should arrive today.

OH has gone into the library, he was also going to cancel my opticians appointment, I have to stay close in case the courier comes to call.

Its a horrid day, very dull and cold again. I am getting depressed A) with the weather and B) with the house hunting......its not going well.

I phoned about several houses and they are all gone, which does not leave much. I have an alert with Rightmove for when anything new comes to the market and I am keeping tabs on one agent especially. At this rate we will be stuck here for the foreseeable future. The planning application has gone in, so we now wait and see what happens. We do have a viewing tonight but I am not holding my breath. If we are not very careful we could land ourselves in trouble and I am not up for that.

I checked my bill for Ebay its £85 not good news, have taken down all the stuff that was on, might try gumtree otherwise I am stuck with it. That means that the big machine cost me £200+ to sell it.

Supper tonight toad in the hole, no idea whats for sweet, might make a cheese cake.


  1. I know this is frustrating and discouraging. My prayers and good thoughts are with you that you will find the right place at the right price in a good location.

  2. Wishing you well on the house hunting as I can see how frustrating that is already. Hope the agent will work hard and quickly in finding you and DB a good place to live.

    I've heard others bewail the huge costs of selling on eBay these days as they charge so many fees and then there are the fees of using PayPal (since eBay owns that, too).

    Hope the house tonight sets your heart singing and that everything is suddenly much better.

    Big hugs!

  3. I hope something comes along in the house hunt soon - it must be very worrying for you - I must admit that I've given up selling on ebay because of the fees and now use a local web site xxxx

  4. I found Rightmove were no good, by the time most of the properties even get on their site they've been snapped up.

    I found the best thing was to phone all the agents, tell them we desperately needed a house and could they inform us the minute a new one came in.

    It worked well, we were having calls every day from agents, we were getting first viewings on properties.

    If i hadn't heard from an agent for 24 hrs I phoned them to ask what had come in and to remind them we were anxious to find somewhere quickly. You have to be aware that there are so many others hounding the agents, get in there first and be persistent, they need to have you in mind all the time. If you're persistent they'll be glad to get you off their backs by finding you a place.

  5. I am sorry to hear that you are having a bad time.
    Best wishes for things to turn around soon. It is surprising how quickly the mood can change, just a bit of good luck and you will feel differently.
    I have found that things usually work out for the best, something good will come along.
    I am shocked at the cost of selling on ebay. Did I read correctly that it cost you money to sell your machine, that is outrageous. I suppose that the courier service was expensive, did you have to pay for that too.
    Pam in TX


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