Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Little Sunshine

A brighter morning, some sun but it keeps coming and going. I should have done a wash overnight it would have dried on the line today nice breeze so should not get too hot.

Email from LL she is off on holiday for 10 days, the agents have agreed to put our flat on the market again, after all they said about not handling it whilst it was under threat of demolition. Obviously all agents are tarred with the same brush.

I had an accident last night, broke my partial denture, technician is on hols, good job I have a spare. I have to go on Monday to get it fixed.

Macaroni cheese made for supper tonight.

We were going to meet a blogging friend this morning, unfortunately it has not come off, her husband was taken ill, so plans for the day changed.

Quick trip to Morrisons in town after lunch, the town was grid locked an Army horse box coming up from London (Trooping the Colour) had broken down in the most awkward place in the town where 4 roads converge. 

Its been sunny on and off all day today, did a bit more at the table runner, but apart from that nothing.

When we were in the town OH saw some shallow boxes at the side of the green grocers, 3 of them have found their way home with us, They are ideal for packing glasses in to move them filled with shredded paper.

Supper tonight is the macaroni cheese with a mixed salad, peaches and ice cream for dessert.


  1. How outrageous that LL is going to put your flat on the rental market again after the shabby way she's treated you and the other current tenants. There ought to be a law - or she should have to pay everyone's moving costs.

    I hope your blogging friend's hubby gets well quickly.

    Despite the change of plans, it sounds like you and DB accomplished a lot today. Well done!

    I've started a little gift project right in the middle of my sewing room upheaval so how silly is that?


  2. Do you know how Morgans husband is? I hope he's ok. They were due to visit the palliative care doctor, didn't they get there?

  3. Hi - sorry we didn't make it today - I will mail you tomorrow - he is stable tonight and looking a lot better than he did this morning. Seems to have been a heart attack, according to the blood tests, but it didn't look like anything I have seen on tv, nor did it feel like it to him [he's had two previous to the transplant] but the blood is showing the appropriate chemical so that is how they are treating him tonight, and the cardiologists will do more tomorrow. Thanks for being so understanding today xxx


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