Monday, 30 June 2014

On the Brink

This time tomorrow we will have signed our lives away once again and have the keys to our new house.

DB & I have already had one spat this morning, I retired hurt and did not speak to him for all of 2 minutes.

The car is packed with the first lot of essentials that need to go, the two bookcases in the sewing room are empty, so Neil can take them when he has time.

I have been having some problems with my shoulders using the table for the sewing machine, yesterday I went on line and found this:

 Its called the hide away, it folds flat when not in use and if you want extra length on the table at the side of you. Works on a similar principle to the table we have in the caravan. I have raided my pocket money account, got it reduced on offer, and should be with me in 2 days. I did not intend to buy it just now but the offer was for June only, so bit the bullet. Made by horn its a very sturdy alternative to a cabinet. Reminds me a bit of the table I had with my knitting machine years ago.

A nice morning, laundry out on the whirly, should dry ok. most of the plants except the clematis and one lupin are out of the ground now and we will start and move them over next week. OH wants to take the stuff for the shed, so we might have just a single trip Saturday morning.

Next week is going to be a busy one, DB has his INR test and then we are going to Stamford to meet Morgan and her husband to hand over jigsaws, hope all goes well this time. We are also taking a stall on the Friday market, see if we can get rid of some of the stuff we have. I might get a bit more for my quilted stuff than at a boot fair.

DB went into town at lunch time to take his books back and pick up one for me.

I am fizzing, I rang virgin to cancel our TV etc from 30th of July, they told me I have to pay a £200 bill because I was in an 18 month contract. The fact that I have to cancel the service because they cannot supply me with service at our new address does not have anything to do with the situation, they still want the charges for the remainder of the contract,  they have broken the contract, they cannot supply me with a service. I am so mad.........robbing b's. Apparently I did not have to sign anything because it was a verbal contract made over the phone its binding!!aarggggghhhhhhhhhh do not have anything to do with either virgin or sky they are robbers. Sky cut us off early from our broadband contract when we moved here and left me high and dry, I had to use BTfon for 2 weeks.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

I am so sad

12 years ago we went to LA to stay with DB's cousins wife, we did not know it then but it was to be our last visit. We stayed for 3 weeks one week of which was on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where they had a time share.

One of the things we brought back were coffee mugs, the one I use has the island on it and some of the indigenous wild life. I have used it every day bar holidays for my breakfast coffee. It has a very large crack in it and a chip on the edge. I think its been caught on the tap whilst being washed. I am so sad it is going to have to be thrown away. The chip is right on the edge where you drink. DB.s also has a crack but no chip so he can still use his for the time being.

Apart from the photographs we have of the three visits to the US, some Christmas things we were given and a bone china Dutch girl who stands on the shelves in the hall they are the last links with some wonderful times we had.

Sadly H died from cancer in 2006, we do miss her.

DB bowling this afternoon, so bacon sandwiches for lunch, he had a yogurt I finished off the nectarines from the market. I am going to do a bit more of my waistcoat this afternoon. I did manage to clear a cupboard in the kitchen this morning, some more stuff for the boot sale. I also found evidence of mice in the cupboards again, so everything out and washed in very hot  soapy water. Also made a cheese cake, there are enough strawberries left to do the top edges.

Not a very nice day, dull and overcast, it did rain this morning, cleared up but now its looking iffy again.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Soggy Saturday

It was very overcast and drizzly when we got up. A much better night sleep, I closed the window so we could not hear our upstairs neighbours cat yowling at 3am to be let in as is its want, slept right through.

As I was hors de combat on Monday and out yesterday we cleaned the whole apartment as best wee could this morning. DB likes pushing the dyson and as he could not go out into the garden I left him to it. I think as we will be moving stuff out over the next 4 weeks a Saturday clean is probably the way to go. Although the guest room/sewing room will get cleaned once its empty and the door shut. so I will just have to flick a duster round and push the dyson over the carpet when the apartment is empty.

Had a great time with my friend yesterday afternoon, she had got me a large ball of Aran wool from Leicester market, I started to knit a waistcoat last night for the winter, I can wear it over a long sleeved shirt, I like layers in the winter. I need something to keep my fingers busy whilst I cannot sew.

The rain cleared just after lunch so DB spent some time out in the garden, once we have all our plants out we will just leave it for nature to take over. Loaf of bread in the bread maker, my digital scales battery ran out so I had to go back to my old weight scales for once.

Supper tonight grilled gammon, fried eggs tomato and fried bread, cholesterol loaded but its once in a blue moon anyway. Strawberries and cream for dessert.

Friday, 27 June 2014


Woke up to rain this morning, so no watering needed tonight, the garden needs water. We are just hand watering the pots now. The bit of garden that DB dug out first is now almost wild.

Off shortly to see DD1 and my quilting guru, then a visit to get my bridge repaired. Will not be back until around 6pm, if then.

DB had a quick visit to the opticians this morning, the screw fell out of his glasses last night, so I had to do a quick repair with needle and thread, worked ok, I have done it before as an emergency measure.

I have emptied all but one of the cupboards in the guest/sewing room, its all in boxes or crates ready to go Tuesday morning, I have to remember to leave the craft box behind for the sale on 11th July. We get the stall for free, so nothing lost, hoping to sell a bit.

Fish and wedges for supper tonight with strawberries and cream to follow.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Another bright and sunny day, we were up, breakfasted and away to Aldi, via the newspaper shop to collect the token.

As usual the car park was full, DB let me out of the car so I could start shopping and he came in hen he had found a parking space. The place was heaving, no chance of a quick dash round, it was slow, slow and slow.

Back home everything packed away, the freezer is full and I have enough apart from bread which I make to last us next month whilst we move stuff to the new place.

I took the mattress topper off and washed it, unfortunately the stain from when I had to take DB to get his mouth stitches was still there. We have had it for 6 years so I will probably get a new one before winter. It has saved the mattress a couple of times.

I found a very interesting page on the web about Melton Mowbray, it made good reading. I knew a lot about it already but I found more information. We bought 2 cream donuts at Aldi this morning with a reduced ticket, had them with our afternoon cup of tea.

Supper tonight, the quiche DB had on Tuesday with some salad and a few new spuds. Strawberries and cream for dessert. Ice cream is finished until I get up enough energy to make another batch.

I am feeling much better today but still very tired, had to have a Nana nap this afternoon. DB spent most of the afternoon reading in the garden, its been very pleasant again.

I need to sort of the things I am taking with me tomorrow when I visit y quilting friend

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer is here?

Very bright sunny morning, more plants lifted and potted up. Ironing done and the sewing room dismantled, I just have to empty the ?airing cupboard. Most of the stuff thats in there will eventually go in the attic, which we are told is partly floored.

I need to take down the curtains in the sewing room, they are going at the living room window, I also need to look for the bedroom curtains, they can go up as well.

We need to investigate whats on the top of the wardrobe in the hall apart from the new summer quilt I bought a few weeks ago which we have not put on the bed yet. Investigated the top of the wardrobe and found all the curtains I was looking for....hall floor is now a real mess as is the sewing room, hope no one want to come and stay the night.

Decided to have mince and tatties for supper tonight, I bought strawberries from the market yesterday, we might have a few with some ice cream for dessert. I had porridge this morning with milk on and all seems to be well, so gradual re-introduction of dairy to the diet.

Cheese sandwich for lunch, so far all is well, although I am very tired, might just put my head down for half an hour.

Tomorrow I have a shop to do at Aldi, getting enough staples to last us a month, fresh fruit and veg from the market on Tuesday after we have picked up the keys.

OH has spent some time sitting in the garden this afternoon reading, he is going quite brown.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Back on my feet

After yesterdays little hiccup. It was not a pleasant experience, but after a decent night sleep and a lie in this morning I am feeling a lot better, so its back to life as normal, more or less.

Nothing much done today, I am just taking it steady, its a week today we get the keys. The agents have been in to do the inventory and are very happy with the place. N was just finishing  painting the kitchen.

Tomorrow I need to wash the towels and get them dry, must have a look at the forecast.

DB is out at a meeting tonight so needs his supper early, quiche and salad, with a bit of help he cooked his own supper last night, fried eggs and potato wedges.

Late this afternoon, we had some very welcome rain, we have had to water by hand the last few times.

We do not grow a lot of plants in pots, those we have dug out and potted up will go back into the garden once we have dug it over and put some compost on it. We are not on a water meter here but will be at the new house, as we were when we were in Asfordby. We managed quite well, even as low users, by collecting clean  (non oily)washing up water and using it on the garden.

Two of the clematis will be grown on in pots the rest planted in the ground in the spring when they have had time to recover from being lifted again.

I ordered some campanula seeds which have come today, so I will be starting them off once we get moved.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Morning After The Night Before

We had a late night last night, helping a friend celebrate in a virtual party, plenty to eat and drink and lots of laughter especially regarding a tall, dark, handsome pole supporting the roof of the barn we were virtually partying in.

No sore heads this morning despite the varied drink offered........

Another lovely day, DB sat in the garden and washed out all the pots we collected last week and piled them up to dry.

All these pots were donated by a freecycler who is also moving house

They have all been washed out and rinsed, some will have hostas potted up into them and  a couple of the bigger ones will have clematis in them and we will put bedding plants round the edge of the pots in summer.

I stripped the bed and washed the sheets and then did a load of coloureds, hopefully they will all dry. The laundry basket will be empty until we go to bed tonight!!

We had breakfast and lunch sitting out and maybe will also have our supper outside, soon be time for afternoon tea and cupcakes.

This is one of the clematis that will be in a pot, Comtess de Bouchard.

Hanging basket planted just a few weeks ago.
The next 3 pictures are off the 60+ pots we have planted up so far, we have another 15 plants to come out including the other clematis and a day lily which is almost in flower. Not forgetting the lupins campanula and foxgloves that are also in flower.

Quiet day today, busyish week coming up and then it will be all hell let loose.

Roast pork for supper and more of the chocolate cheese cake DD2 made for DB.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Lovely day out but oh my feet are sore

We planned to have a weekend visiting a nearby villages open garden event.

I packed a picnic and we set off for Barrow on Soar. Signage was no so hot, but eventually we found the local garden club selling plants and bought our programmes. I also bought a plant, a white very tall campanula with a very small flower.

We set off for a walk around the gardens, some were excellent, some okish and some were mediocre, however we enjoyed ourselves. 

We went back to the car and sat on the green by the war memorial and ate our lunch and then took the car down to a road which had 8 small gardens open, all very different. The last one was serving tea, so a cup of tea and a danish pastry went down very well.

Ashamed to say I actually bought 5 plants as well as the campanula. $ ladies mantle and a heliotrope, we used to call it cherry pie, the flowers smell like cherries.

Back home, we were glad to take off shoes and socks and cool our feet and partake of another cup of tea.

The first garden we saw was magnificent, very lush and green with dense planting.

Pretty pink penstamon with a lovely bi colour hollyhock in the background

                         The oldest house in the village. Unfortunately its                               garden was not open.

This garden was also very pretty, lots of Canterbury bells in various colours.

Lovely purple geranium, not sure if the ladies dress was supposed to be rucked up?

This small garden was packed with plants, Lots of mirrors too bouncing the light backwards and forwards.

Clematis Princess Diana.

Someone else grows lettuce in pots.

This garden has been laid out in the last two years, decking ran round one side and across the bottom forming a shady place to sit and eat.

 Small container with a pretty campanula growing out of it.

Someone else grows their hosta in large pots to keep the slugs away.


                         First time I have seen the nigresense elderflower.It                            has very pretty pink flowers

This chappie was happily sat in front of the fireplace in one house where we were invited to view the art work.

Sweet peas growing strongly in the garden where we had our tea and danish pastry.

Thats it folks the tour of the gardens is over.

Time to do somethig about a light supper, egg with garlic mayo and chocolate cheese cake for dessert.

We need to start watering the 60 pots that are sitting out in the shade.

Obviously I cannot do right for doing wrong. I have now had a comment, which I have deleted, from someone vilifying me for publishing the comments of those who commented about the anonymous post on Thursday.

I am sick and tired of the whole thing, get this message if you do not like what I put on my blog then don't read it!! I for one just do not care. I pointed out that I published the original comment by mistake, it was my husband who said to leave it on as an example of what I am subjected to on a regular basis. I wish I had the power to ban these obnoxious people, unfortunately I can't. I do normally delete the comments that are offensive and will continue to do so.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Its a new day

DB had palpitations yesterday so a chance to try out the medication he was given by the Doctor last week. 1/2 a tablet after 20 minutes slowed them down, he took another half at 6pm but when he went to bed they ramped up again so another 1/2 and they went, so a limited success.

We sat in bed just after midnight eating cup cakes and drinking tea, his 81st birthday had arrived.

This morning we went into town to take library books back and a visit to the farmers market where we made enquiries about a stall. The first week we go the stall is free after that its £2.50 so I think we will be having a go at that, we might also try for a table at the Sunday Boot fair, there is a bigger footfall then but people are looking for bargains. The chap with the plants was there, I bought another campanula, white glomerata this time. His plants are always very healthy looking.

Lovely afternoon sitting in the garden. DD2 came and brought OH his card and present. He is getting my present tomorrow, we are going to an open garden event. His choice, so I will treat him to a cream tea.

Tired today it was after 2am before I drifted off to sleep and I was awake just after 8am. So an early night methinks.

Supper fish and potato wedges, slices of DD2's cheese cake for dessert.

The friday clean has gone by the wayside this week, I did just shove the dyson over the carpet before we went out. The kitchen will have to wait.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

So Now We Know

I went on the agents letting agents web site late last night and low and behold 3 of the 5 apartments in the house advertised.

All have had their rent reduced by £100 a month with a 4 month short term lease starting with ours available from 4th August. There has to be an offer on the house and land somewhere in the equation.

Its a dull morning, I have put washing out to dry, no high hopes of it drying but you never know.

DB is washing the bird lime off the roof of the caravan, it has stained it so we need to go over it with teecut and see if we can get it off. That the problem storing it under trees.

A quick trip out this afternoon to collect some more plant pots someone has offered me.

Supper tonight gammon and salad I need to use up some new potato.s so we will have them as well.

I should point out that if the agents do manage to let the house from the beginning of August we will not be liable for the August rent, which will be a relief.

After the fiasco yesterday the woman rang back this afternoon re the mixer and is on her way to collect it, I hope she is not going to try and beat me down on the price!!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Rain Forecast

According to the forecast we were die rain at 11am, wonder what happened, it quite bright and warn, a bit of a breeze blowing.

News from Tessas Mum late last night to say that her husband had a heart attack and was in hospital. message this morning is that her husband had a decent night, she is going in later with her daughters.

We switched off the alarm last night, nothing really to get up for, just more of the same. It was 8.30 when we woke. DB has spent some more time in the garden, he has been putting soft brushwood killer on the convolvulous which is steadily climbing and twining round my clematis has been potted up, its was ot doing much so its out.

I started sorting my sewing room, the machine is packed away and I have started to clear the book shelves, I want to dismantle the table, it will be in the first car load to go when we get the keys.

Toad in the hole with veg for supper, the last of the peaches for dessert, bread maker is on with a granary loaf, hope it turns out ok, fingers crossed.

I need to have a whinge,  last week I put my kenwood mixer and its 3 attachments in the paper with a photo. Its two years old and I have only used it twice, so it needs to go to a good home I put £150ovno on it, the mixer on it own is now £200. Each day people have rung me up about it, I was asked if I would accept £75 for it by one of our aisian brothers, I think he thought I came in n the last banana boat. Others asked what my lowest price was and then rang off. Today a lady rang, oh yes I want it, I need to ask my husband how to get to you, I'll ring you later, she left her phone number. DB phoned to see if she was still coming....Oh no she says I need to persuade the children to buy me an early Christmas present!!! Well sorry lady but its not still for sale. I'll keep the blessed thing.

I was hoping it would sell and give me enough money to pay cash for the removers, now I will have to put half of it on the credit card until the deposit money comes in. AAARRRGGGHHHHHH they will charge me 2% over the odds..........I could spit!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Little Sunshine

A brighter morning, some sun but it keeps coming and going. I should have done a wash overnight it would have dried on the line today nice breeze so should not get too hot.

Email from LL she is off on holiday for 10 days, the agents have agreed to put our flat on the market again, after all they said about not handling it whilst it was under threat of demolition. Obviously all agents are tarred with the same brush.

I had an accident last night, broke my partial denture, technician is on hols, good job I have a spare. I have to go on Monday to get it fixed.

Macaroni cheese made for supper tonight.

We were going to meet a blogging friend this morning, unfortunately it has not come off, her husband was taken ill, so plans for the day changed.

Quick trip to Morrisons in town after lunch, the town was grid locked an Army horse box coming up from London (Trooping the Colour) had broken down in the most awkward place in the town where 4 roads converge. 

Its been sunny on and off all day today, did a bit more at the table runner, but apart from that nothing.

When we were in the town OH saw some shallow boxes at the side of the green grocers, 3 of them have found their way home with us, They are ideal for packing glasses in to move them filled with shredded paper.

Supper tonight is the macaroni cheese with a mixed salad, peaches and ice cream for dessert.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Dull Monday

Different day yesterday as DB was playing bowls in the afternoon, I did bacon, egg, tomato and fried bread at lunchtime.

It was a dull day, DB said it rained at the bowls, but not here. DD2 and DGD turned up just after DB left so a couple of hours chat, tea and cake.

I decided to try some of the built in embroidery stitches on my machine on the border of a table runner, its ok, but I feel it could be better its was experimental, just did one side have the other three to do.

Monday clean done and a load of laundry done overnight out on the line, hope it dries, there was a bit of drizzle in the air earlier.

I had an appointment at the opticians this morning, not good news I have a cataract in my right eye which needs doing first and then they will do the left one. The MD is not any worse than it was 6 months ago which is the good news. I have to ring and make arrangements to see the eye people so I guess more trips in to Leicester and then face having to go for the op and follow up.

Car booked in for its MOT next Tuesday so I will get to the market.

Someone has kindly answered my plea for 10" plant pota so we are off later to collect them.

Supper tonight meatballs in tomato sauce with spaghetti.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Please read

Thank you to those of you who have suggested how we could get out of paying the rent for the month after we move out.

The lease is a legal document and it is stated there in that if the rental is terminated before the end of the 6 month period the remainder of the rent to that date MUST be paid. It is enforceable in law. Both solicitor and CAB have endorsed this. It is our choice that we are moving before the end of the lease and we are liable for the rent up to that point regardless of what is happening.

Yes we could cancel the standing order and make her take us to the small claims court, but that would mean an entry against our credit rating which would stay for 6 years. We have an excellent credit rating and an entry would bar us from renting another property, if we needed to, in the future.

We do appreciate that people are angry on our behalf and are looking for ways to help us, but that is the situation.

Yes we could have waited until the beginning of August and started looking then. The rental market in Melton is very buoyant and properties are going at a fast rate. We liked this house and where it is, could afford it and so we bit the bullet.

We need to be out and settled, this time we know for sure that it is a long term let and it has been written into the contract.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

At Last

The letter arrived this morning, so the house is ours with an entry date of 1st July. On top of the rent and deposit they are charging us £50 administration fee when they have already had £250 out of us, it makes you sick..........

However at least now we can go forward knowing that we will be out of here by the end of next month. Even then its going to cost me money as unless the LL manages to rent the place from August we have to pay Augusts rent. I think that rather doubtful as anyone who comes to look at the place will have to be told its a short term contract as the house is to be demolished.

DB spent most of the morning digging up plants to take with us, no way am I leaving anything here that I put in, 10 clematis to come out as well, thats not going to be easy, some of them are in flower.

We saw K one of the upstairs tenants yesterday, he has been away on holiday. He too has been refused letting out of his contract so he will be stuck here until the end of September. He is not happy about the situation but like us there is nothing he can do. I am still feeling very angry at the way we have been dealt with, so underhand when she knew all along what was going to happen.

The rain arrived at lunchtime, but it was fairly short lived, so OH spent a bit more time in the garden later in the afternoon.

I had a table runner to quilt, so did one side before packing in for the day. Having a small harp when you have been used to a big one is not easy to get to grips with.

Also tried to get a quote for putting up a dish for the freestat. £105!! they tried to get me to sign up. Forget it sunshine. I need to sort out plus net for broadband etc as well.

Liver and bacon, mash cauli and carrots for supper Chocolate fluff for dessert.

Friday, 13 June 2014

We are waiting

For the offer from the agents....they posted it yesterday, no sign of it this morning, they could have walked up the road and put it through the letter box.

DB has been signed off by the cardiologist, his heart is not to blame for his dizzies, he has been discharged with beta blockers which he has to take 20 minutes after the palpitations have started and after 4 hours if they are persisting. The consultant was running 50 minutes late. The staff felt so sorry for us they made us a cup of tea.

I had a raging headache yesterday, thanks to the stress......We decided to go to the shop that sells the Annie Sloan chalk paint. I came home with a tin of old white paint and finishing wax to do the dresser for the kitchen. One of the first jobs to do when we get the keys, I can paint it in the kitchen  of the new house whilst its empty.

Last evening we went to have another look at the house and measure up to see which curtains I can use. Shame the ones I bought for here will be unused, I was so cross the letter re the demolition of the house came 4 days after I had put them up. I need to measure the curtains from the Haddington kitchen and see if I need to remake them. It was good to talk to N without the agents tapping her feet wanting to get away.

Spent the morning doing the Friday clean. OH was in the garden painting the small shed amongst other things.

Its very warm and sunny so lunch outside today.

Fish and potato wedges for supper, might also do some green beans. Banana and cream for dessert.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sick to Death of Jobsworths

Absolutely fed up, LL sent in her reference, now the aggents have raised a query on something else. I am sick and tired of the whole damn thing. No confirmation by tonight they can take a running jump.

DB has an appointment with the hospital this morning, if its the same Dr we saw last time I am out of there he was useless. He was supposed to make an appointment for DB to have a type of scan and did not do it. We only got an appointment when DB rang to find out when he was getting the scan done.

Very depressed.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lazy day

Another sunny and warm day. Towels put on the whirly to air in the sun.

Estimator came from the company we used to move here, it was nice to see her again, she was shocked when we told her what had happened.

DB spent the morning in the garden painting preservative on the shed and putting another layer on the containers I cooked spag bol for lunch as we are going out this evening.

Another of the clematis is out, a reddish purple one.

I put together another table mat from the  three dudes blocks, this one is just a small one of two blocks, I need to layer it up, quilt it and put the binding on.

We had ham and tomato sandwiches for tea, we are getting cake and tea at DD2's later.

I have to admit to being very tired and achy today, DB sat outisde reading I had a Nana Nap on the settee.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

More Sun

Another sunny and very warm day, it did cloud over a couple of times, but it has been great.

I washed towels and bath mats this morning. Whilst I am on the subject of laundry, Anon asked if I took washing in as I seemed to do a lot for two people...the answer is no I wash approx once every 10 days, either a white or coloured load, The bed gets changed every other week and I change the bath towels then too. The towels that were referred to on the whirly last week were the towels from our twice daily shower, which I like to put out on sunny days to freshen up. I will probably not wash again until late next week, depending on the state of the dirty laundry bin, its most likely to be coloureds.

DB went for his video swallow, I have to put up with him choking and just die of fright. We have decided he is going for no more tests either for his dizzys or palps. We know that there will never be a satisfactory outcome, so why waste money that could be spent on someone who will benefit. Apart from anything else, it has cost a fortune in diesel and car parking fees.

We did have a small treat on the way home. I needed to call into Dunelm for a new filter for the water jug, we had two cups of tea, a cinnamon and Belgian bun, we cut the buns in half so we had a taste of each. I also got a new shoe rack which goes in the base of the wardrobe to put shoes on and free some space on the floor.

Lazy supper tonight, chicken kievs, salad and potato wedges, more of the apple and rhubarb sponge for dessert. There will be enough left for tomorrow. We will be eating at lunch time as we are out for coffee and cake tomorrow evening at DD2's Meeting up with a niece in law that I have not seen since she was about 3. She is now in her 40's.

OH is out painting wood preservative on the wooden planters, at the moment it just seems to be soaking in, so they are looking an interesting colour.

Monday, 9 June 2014


It was a lovely morning when we got up, two loads of washing on the line to dry.

The estimator came to give us a quote for moving, when she had gone we went on the bus into the town to change our library books. We sat outside to eat our lunch. OH decided to empty another of the containers ready to treat the wood, and on one replace the leg which had given way.

I made a cup of tea and just as we were about to drink it the sky went black, a quick rush to get the laundry in, not too wet, just slightly damp which is ok for the sheets etc, they iron better then they are damp.

It has been hissing down for the best part of an hour, we have also had several rolls of seems to be lightening up a bit just now.

Supper tonight mushroom fritatta and salad with some more of the rhubarb and apple sponge for dessert.

Tomorrow OH has a video swallow test at LRI.


We had very heavy rain for about an hour, then it cleared up and its bright, sunny and warm again,

Sunday, 8 June 2014

More Sunshine

Its been another very sunny day. We were to get rain after lunch but it has not arrived.

I did a quick shop at Morrisons this morning, I was quite surprised I had a bag full of shopping for just under £9. When I compare it with what I got for £12 at Tesco the other week I was pleasantly surprised.

When we move I will do a months shop at Aldi and a top up for fresh fruit and veg at the market and then use Morrisons for anything else. Just now I am trying to run down the pantry so we do not have so much to move over. We are going to have almost a month to complete moving plants etc over before the furniture is moved.

OH spent time digging up plants and potting them up ready to go to their new home.

It has clouded over and I think we will soon have the rain.

Supper is on, roast pork, roast potaos, carrots, green beans, gravy. I made an apple and rhubarb sponge for dessert, will do us 3 nights for dessert,

Saturday, 7 June 2014

What a day

Both daughters and a granddaughter descended on us this morning, tea and scones and a lot of chat, then lunch, beans on toast for 2, egg on toast for 2 and more tea.

After lunch a time to remember when they were little, holidays, playmates and many other subjects were covered and more tea drunk. DD1 had to pick DSIL up from Golf at 4pm and she wanted to go to Asda for some shopping first, so the party broke up around 2.30.

OH had gone off to play bowls, so I was on my own. It had rained briefly in the morning but after lunch the sun came out and the wet dried up.

I had to smile at the story in the papers this morning about the chap who took off and went to Normandy, what a game old chap he must be and good on him, I see a group of Paras were taking care of him on his way back and BF had given him a cabin......that is the spirit the younger generation are missing.

It turned into a nice afternoon, rian off, sun out and the ground dried up, I sat out reading for a while.

OH home early from bowls.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Another day

The sun is shining, towels out on the whirly, windows open.

Thank you for the comments yesterday, we are relieved even though it is going to make a dent in our finances yet again!!

The lounge looks small because the two settees are very large, not suitable for the room at all and they face that way because the TV is on a table under the stairs. Our furniture is more compact and we will not have to get rid of anything, there is space for it all. The kitchen is a dining kitchen, room for a table and chairs. Depending on how we arrange the furniture we could have a table in the sitting room as well. Our dining table is a gate leg not so awkward as a full size table.

 The house will be easier to heat being smaller.

 I love this house and the space but the uncertainty of the situation was just too much. I had more than a melt down moment at lunchtime. DB has emailed the LL to tell her what we propose to do, so we wait now for her to come back to us.

There is room for the caravan on the front and parking for 2 cars, so thats ok, we have to put down 2 slabs for the caravan wheels to stand on and a small one for the jockey wheel.

Our neighbours in the other bottom flat have also found a house close to the school the children attend, and the upstairs tenants are also going. So the house is going to be empty. Our agents said they would not take on the letting again as the situation is so uncertain.

Its been a really lovely day, warm and sunny. DB spent time this afternoon sorting out the herb garden that stands by the door, he had potted up the herbs and emptied the planter..

No fish tonight, chicken kiev, and salad. I mad some ore ice cream so peaches and ice cream for dessert.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hopefully we have a new home.

We went to look at the house this afternoon, it was fine, its gradually being decorated just now and is to get a new back door and kitchen window in the next couple of months.

Back garden

And again, the pots will be going to be replaced with ours.



House to the left is ours.

Front bedroom. Back bedroom is full of boxes packed up ready to move.

Kitchen units by Ikea.

Sitting room.
Also at the hospital this afternoon, no real news except that the tests indicate that DB's heart is fine.

Sausage, mash and beans for supper, I opened a tin of peaches for dessert, we finished off the ice cream. I need to make some more.

The search goes on.

We have an appointment this afternoon to view a house which came to the market just yesterday, I was on the phone at 9am to make an appointment to view. Fingers crossed, we are also meeting the LL.

The rain cleared up over night, it keeps clouding over. I was still awake at 1am so made a cuppa and set the washer, so laundry on the line. I almost stepped on a slug on the kitchen floor...yyuukkkkk, Salt on its tail soon sorted that out, how it got in is anyone's guess.

We have an appointment at the LRI at 4.30 to see Dr Lakarni, I am not expecting anything new.

Supper tonight sausage, mash beans and gravy, no idea whats for dessert, a tin of fruit if the worst comes to the worst with the last of the ice cream I made last week.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Raining Again.

I was up early this morning, blood test at 8. 30. DB up when I got back. 

It's a very dull morning, was hissing down when I went out, not quite so heavy now, but it's set to last all day.

We went on house viewing last night, nice house but filthy, it also had quite a bit of damage and needed decorating. We have 2 more to see today, one is a bungalow, the other a house. Dd2 is not keen on where the house is. I spoke to the agents re last nights visit.
Would like to do a return visit, he said they would arrange an inspection to look at the points I raised.

Chicken pasta for supper with garlic bread. I did a bread and butter pudding yesterday there is enough for dessert tonight. I will pick the chicken carcass and see if there is enough meat for a chicken pie with mash instead of pastry.


The viewing of the bungalow was cancelled, the house was rubbish, they had taken a piece off the sitting room to make a downstairs bathroom with no windows.....strange, So not a sucessful day at all.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Another Day Another ?Pound

Well the courier did turn up yesterday but went to Number 1. I have rebooked for today, and also phoned and asked them to pass a message on to the courier who should arrive today.

OH has gone into the library, he was also going to cancel my opticians appointment, I have to stay close in case the courier comes to call.

Its a horrid day, very dull and cold again. I am getting depressed A) with the weather and B) with the house hunting......its not going well.

I phoned about several houses and they are all gone, which does not leave much. I have an alert with Rightmove for when anything new comes to the market and I am keeping tabs on one agent especially. At this rate we will be stuck here for the foreseeable future. The planning application has gone in, so we now wait and see what happens. We do have a viewing tonight but I am not holding my breath. If we are not very careful we could land ourselves in trouble and I am not up for that.

I checked my bill for Ebay its £85 not good news, have taken down all the stuff that was on, might try gumtree otherwise I am stuck with it. That means that the big machine cost me £200+ to sell it.

Supper tonight toad in the hole, no idea whats for sweet, might make a cheese cake.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Aother disappointment

We thought we had found a house yesterday, phoned this morning, its gone over the weekend,typical.

Monday clean done, I also managed to clean the saucepan I burnt last night whilst cooking the supper, bio powder is great!!

Not such a nice day today, sunshine in bursts, DB has been sitting out.

I had a comment from Gwen yesterday about the cost of moving, The actual move will be around £500, I have no idea where you live but moving 150 miles for the amount you paid is amazing. The £2000+ I have put away is for the upfront searches, £250 Deposit around £800, one months rent between £525 and £600; guarantors, because we no longer work,fees £50 and the inventory fees. So as you can see having paid out a similar amount when we came here in March, having to find it again so soon is a large blow. I just cannot stay somewhere where we have no certainty about what is going to happen.

Waiting for the courier to come and collect the small machine I sold on Saturday.

Supper tonight, cold chicken with something, possibly salad.

Sunday, 1 June 2014


DB started with palpitations last night and still had them this morning, although they did clear around 10am.

We have spent a quiet day, I put laundry out on the whirly and it has dried, it was lovely and sunny so we sat out and had our lunch outside too. DD2 and DGD came after lunch for a while. We had a quick run out and dropped them home, stayed with them for a cuppa, home to cook the supper.

Roast chicken, roast spuds, carrots, cauli, calebrese....we had fruit in jelly with ice cream for dessert. I sold the small machine yesterday so its packed up ready to be collected and also some peel off stickers for card making. All the money has gone into the moving account. I need £2500 minimum, would like more if I can manage it.

Busy week coming up.