Monday, 26 May 2014

Yuk..its raining

It was fine early on I put laundry out and had to fetch it in.

Monday clean done and then started to pack up the sewing machine, wrote a letter to go in it and then lost it.....found it later in a different place along with a load of other stuff I had been unable to find.

All packed up and ready to go. I am sad to see her go but I am not going to make any more large quilts and I have not been using the embroidery unit since we moved so it time for her to go to a new home, and when the time comes I have the money to fubd another move all tied up.

Then.......started looking for carrier.....excuse me whilst I swear it has taken me 5 hours blood sweat and tears to find someone to deliver to the Isle of Man. Everyone kept saying the parcel was too heavy for them. Spoke the the chap whose wife had bought the machine, also spoke to my dealer who told me to try Parcel Force. I had tried them before but eventually got in and 'heavens be praised' they are collecting tomorrow and it will be delivered on Thursday. Double phew, I had visions of us having to take it up.......I am exhausted.

This is what is being delivered on Friday a much smaller machine, no embroidery unit.

The rain started whilst we were having our lunch so clothes now on the airer in the hall.....forecast is not good for the rest of the week, cannot see me getting the towels done, the bed lined will dry ok inside, but I hate the towels drying inside.

I have ordered my new machine it should come on Friday......asked for a delay shipping as we have hospital appointments Weds and Thurs.

Supper tonight sausage, mash and beans.


  1. Glad you have got the courier all sorted and I'm sure the recipient will be delighted with her purchase. Your new machine looks very neat and looks to do some embroidery stitches too. Have fun sewing again.
    Been sunny most of the day here, and warm too. Went to our local garden centre this morning and found a beautiful pink indoor hibiscus, so it now adorning my window ledge where it gets lots of sun.
    Good luck with your hospital appointments and hope DB's dizzies are sorted.


  2. let us know how the new machine works out, I am still hmming and hahing over which machine to buy. I ought to wait until I have bought somewhere otherwise I may have trouble fitting it in.

  3. glad you got it figured out. Janomes are good machines. I still have my serger going strong after 25 years of work.

  4. Enjoy your new machine.

  5. Glad things are sorted with the transport of the Janome and that your new machine will arrive at the end of the week. You and the buyer of your Janome will both soon be happy dancing!

    Hope you have a break in the rain so your towels can dry outside and hope we get some rain.


  6. I'm happy to hear things are working out. Loads of details can drive a person mad! I hope you like your new machine. I see you are sticking with favorite brand also. I wish I could have bought your 12000 but it would have cost so much for shipping. My husband let out a sigh of relief over that!


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