Saturday, 24 May 2014


After all the good weather we have now had 2 days of rain, rain and more rain, shades of the winter???? It has been very heavy and the patio is flooded again. Wonder if the water will affect what ever it is we have in the garden, we have not seen much activity over the last couple of days. I was asked how K knew he had bees and wasps in his chimney. The fireplace in his bedroom, where the chimney is, has a plate inside the chimney which closes it off and can be opened if a fire is lit. He has found both wasps and bees in his bedroom although the windows have been closed, he investigated the chimney and when he opened the plate he ended up with several insects flying round the room, so he shut it smartly. When he spoke to our LL he was told that they knew about the nests and were not prepared to do anything about them.

DB is supposed to be bowling this afternoon, looks a but iffy to me, we wait for a phone call, if we do not get one then the game is on. So no supper required.

No idea what I am going to do whilst he is out, doubt if I will be doing any sewing although I do have a pot holder to sew the binding down on.

The sky appears to be getting lighter, we had to put the light on in the sitting room it was so dark........but its still raining.............

Update, bowls match off, phone call after DB had eaten his lunch and changed!!

He is now in bed, I asked him to find some information for me, thought he was taking a long time, went out and found him on the floor in the he had to get up, I cannot lft him, got him into bed, he said he thinks he got up too quickly after bending down. The attacks are ramping up again he had one just before supper last night. Getting a bit cheesed off. I know he cannot help it, however its my nerves that are at screaming pitch just now.


  1. Could K call the pest control people to get rid of the wasps, and then give the bill to the LL? She is being very unreasonable with her tenants.
    Sorry to hear DB has had another bad attack and landed on the floor. Most worrying for you both. Lucky it didn't happen at the Bowling club otherwise he might have been taken to hospital as a precaution. Hope the remainder of the weekend improves for you both and that the sun comes out to dry up your patio area.


  2. Bother about all of the rain, but at least the water is staying outside your home!

    Dearie me, the LL who seemed so nice to start with now seem bent on saving every penny and not caring for the flats as she's supposed to. Removal of bees in the chimney to be paid for by the tenant? Rubbish!

    I'm so sorry to hear that the dds have again afflicted DB. It's like the come in a cluster now, doesn't it? It's good he still has the monitor on and that he wasn't at Bowls when it started. If he thinks it was getting up too fast, that could be postural hypotension as a possible cause for this dd.

    Hope you can manage not to fret about this as that won't help a bit. I've wondered how folks deal with the uncertainty of seizure disorders and that must be similar to the dd situation.

    Big hugs!

    1. Barbara Anne All landlords seem so nice to start with then they're not! If you've been reading this blog for a while you should know that by now!


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