Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wot a day!!

It started at 915am when DB came in with a card from parcel force saying they had called for the machine at 7.10!! What!! I was onto parcel force and the chap has just been and collected it....phew, then we got a letter from NPower saying we owed then £105 for 18 days electricity, I don't think so....DB was on the phone for ages. this is the problem when you cannot get into the cellar to read the meters, I think they have just taken a number doubled it and sent us the bill, more time on the phone to find out when SSE took over the account.

I have listed some more stuff on flea bay and also priced up all my card making stuff, cannot decide whether to put it on flea bay or sell it at a market.

I have tidied up the sewing room and chucked out a load of scrappy bits, I have about 150 squares of fabric, wondering whether to sell them on or not. I also have some width of the fabric 2 1/2" strips, might make them into mini jelly rolls.

Its rained most of the day and is freezing, we had hotties again last night.

Macaroni cheese and salad for supper, more of the rhubarb sponge left, so thats dessert.

We have 2 hospital trips tomorrow and Thursday, I will also be doing my Aldi shop before we go on Thursday.

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  1. I had a busy day yesterday and fell apart away from the computer. Sorry not to pop in for a visit as usual.

    Hope the electric bill nonsense has been straightened out so the amount is the actual cost. When we were in Memphis long ago, the power company tried estimating and did ever not work!

    You might put some of your sale items on offer here. Perhaps?



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