Thursday, 29 May 2014

Where is Noah with his boat???

Still raining sigh......

Busy morning, PO to collect a Mirror with a £5 voucher for Aldi, Tesco to put fuel in the car, aldi to do mine and Cotton Reels shopping, hospital t gake back the two monitors and  then home.

Shopping unpacked and put away, lunch and its still raining!!

Just had a call to say that the machine has arrived, phew...... and no signs of any damage....... hopefully my new machine will be here sometime tomorrow. DB is bowling on Saturday so I will be playing with the new machine and putting it through its paces.

My workshop brother machine auction finishes on Saturday, it will sell there is a bid on it, just how much it will go for remains to be seen, it is packed up jest need to seal the box.

Grilled gammon, potato wedges, tomato and cerlery salad for supper, banana for dessert.


  1. Goodness, you will soon need a boat with all of that rain! Ta for sending some rain this way - it rained last night for most of the night and is still drizzling!! Our local frogs are rehydrated and sound very happy.

    Well done on all that you've accomplished today and cheers that the Janome arrived safely at its new home!! What a relief that is.

    Hope your new sewing machine arrives before you depart to visit Cottonreel and I hope the machine works like a dream.

    As always, your dinner sounds yummy!


  2. I have a bid on my overlocker, but I've gone for collection only, I couldn't face dragging it ti the PO & although I considered using a courier it was too difficult to find one who'd collect when I was in.


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