Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What happened to the sun???

The slabs outside were wet when we got up, but the rain appeared to have been very patchy to say the least.

We were on the 10am bus into town to go to the library and the market, the library is closed Monday and Tuesday next week, so we both needed to be sure we had enough book. I have 7, one of which is a really thick one, so should take me a few days to read.

Home for lunch lentil soup with fresh bread, I had a pear DB had yogurt. He has requested stovies for supper, so a fat laden meal with the last of the crumble for dessert.

After lunch DB potted on 2 courgette and a cucumber plant into bigger pots and brought in the chairs as the sky went very dark, more rain on the way I guess. 

Last night our neighbour drew our attention to what she thought were wasps going into a hole in one of the flower beds. I have had a look this morning and I think they are hornets, as far as I know wasps do not nest underground. I looked on the web and the advice seems to be to use slightly dilute washing up liquid sprayed into the hole at dusk, when all the insects are in the nest. There was little activity this morning but when I looked at lunchtime there were several flying round and then going into the hole. We need to get rid of them I am allergic to any form of sting and also insect bites and I would hate to see the children get stung. Apparently K has a wasps nest and also wild bees in his bedroom chimney. He spoke to the land lady but she has said he has to pay for their removal himself. She will only do anything if they actually get into the flat.  The mood in the house is getting rather bolshie to say the least. We are undecided what to do. If we stick it out to the bitter end all the other apartments will be empty and we will be heating into cold space. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that we find something suitable before the really bad weather comes.

I made chocolate chip muffins, we have eaten all the cake......


  1. They are most likely a solitary bee of which there are hundreds - miner bees nest underground. It's very unlikely that they are hornets and the risk of being stung is minimal. They'll be gone in a few weeks, just leave them be.

  2. Your LL sounds to be getting very awkward. Is the bedroom chimney not her responsibility? Surely it is her property. Please be very careful not to get stung by whatever is lurking in the garden.
    Was watching a program on tv last night about a woman who refused to move out even though she was the only resident left in the block of flats which were being demolished. Her winter fuel bills were horrendous because there were no other residents. Hope you find other alternative accommodation soon.


  3. Hope you can get rid of the wasps, hornets, and whatever else stings.

    It's outrageous that the LL won't pay to have an infestation of wasps in the chimney removed. That isn't safe for the residents and should be done at her cost. Shame on her - again! Is there any way you can move and just not pay the last month(s) of the rent there? Is it worth consulting a lawyer?

    Hope your books are a delight to read!


  4. I didn't understand about the bees and wasps in K's chimney. If they haven't been into his flat, which I assume they haven't or the landlady would pay, then how does K know he's got them in the chimney?

  5. Two summers ago we had 2 wasps nests. One was under the paving blocks that our shed sits on and the other was under the sidewalk. They would get underneath from the side. We didn't get stung, fortunately. We sprayed wasp killer several times down the sides but it didn't help. What did kill them was winter weather. I think they all froze to death because of our -35C temps.
    I would have thought the chimney breast belonged to the LL and therefore she is responsible. Sounds like she is getting quite difficult to deal with.
    Hope you find a new place at the end of your lease and get out of there.


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