Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Another bright morning but with the promise of showers. A breeze moving the trees. I have all the windows that will open - open.

DB helped me this morning to pin up the curtains from the french window, they just meet the floor now which is fine as I can push the bottom against the frame in the winter and it will keep the draught out. We are still having problems closing the doors, so guess it not the wet from the winter, we have to close them from the outside with a hefty shove.

DB is sorting out canes for his runner beans he got yesterday, there were 10 in the strip so a large wigwam of 6 and a slightly smaller one for 4 have gone in spaces in the garden. I have the two containers by the front door to empty, the pansies and primulas will fill up some gaps in the borders and I can get the geraniums in. I need to get the petunias for the hanging baskets and we also need more compost.

We have been catching up on TV programmes we recorded whilst we were away, have just one episode of The Crimson Field left and we are up to date, also have the allotment series to watch. TV is dire so we tend to record programmes to watch when there is nothing decent on, otherwise we read in the evenings. I got 5 books from the library yesterday and 2 more for DB.

Supper tonight will be chicken and pilau rice, raspberry cheese cake for dessert.


  1. I wish we had a garden big enough to grow vegetables. Would love to have runner beans and peas. Last year, we tried to grow potatoes in 2 large tubs. Not worth the effort though, so will just keep to flowers. It's exciting getting the containers, hanging baskets and window boxes filled.
    Have to agree with you about the tv these days. We also record and watch later.


  2. Ah! You chose to make the cheesecake - yum!!

    Isn't it nice to have rain when you have a garden growing?

    I'm in agreement about TV shows, too, except find PBS stations and the occasional FOX show worth my time. We've been enjoying the Cosmos show with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

    Tonight is AMIL's 2nd sleep test and I'm already dreading getting up at 5:45a tomorrow to hear what the doctor has to say and to bring her home. We hope the C-pap machine will be easy for her to sleep with and that it will enable her to once again get a good night's sleep every night.

    I'm carrying on with spring cleaning and stay tired. Lupus fatigue is a bother! Gradually, the house is looking nicer tho.



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