Friday, 23 May 2014

We got torrential rain yesterday afternoon and evening, at one stage the slabs on the patio outside the french windows were like a lake. Its cleared this morning although we have had dark clouds scudding over interspersed with blue skies. The garden has stool up well to the heavy rain, we will not need to water for quite a few days, the Comtess de Bouchard clematis is in bloom and one of the others is going mad up the wigwam, so we should get a good few flowers on that. I think its the original one that was on the fence in our last garden.

Appointment at the hospital to see the ENT consultant, no inflammation, no point in operating on my ear, which I already knew. it would not make any difference to my hearing, but I did need a new ear piece to my hearing aid, so an appointment with the audiologist to take another impression, should get it through the post in about 4 weeks.

We then went to Tesco for some bits, I had some vouchers to use up, 8 items cost me £8.36!! My goodness no wonder so many people are going to Aldi and Lidl.

Back home it was lunch time, we finished off the garlic bread from last night with some grated cheese on it, I had a couple of crackers as well.

Might do a bit of sewing later, on the other hand I might just sit and read.

Fish and chips for supper, we have some strawberries left so will finish them off for dessert.

According to the news it would appear that we are to keep the remains of Richard III. I am pleased, it will mean that Leicester and Leicestershire will, at last, get more tourists coming to the city and County. Many people pass through, not many stop to look at the City and the wonderful countryside we have around us here. There are plenty of pretty villages too.

Plans are in hand for a special service next year to re-bury the remains of Richard in the Cathedral. A special tomb has been designed to mark the spot where he will lie, in peace. He died outside Leicester and was hurriedly buried in Greyfriars Church, it's only fitting that he should be re-interred close to his original resting place.


  1. Beautiful clematis! The rain we were forecast to get missed us completely tho folks just 20 miles from us got it. We need rain.

    I'm sorry there's no surgery or medicine that will help your hearing and hope the hearing aid does a good job.

    Rob is off to see the doctor today about what lingering symptoms he has from the Bell's Palsy. What a trial that has been since it has affected his sense of taste, too.

    AMIL and I are back to work on the quilt for her SIL so that is satisfying.


  2. Comtesse de Bouchard is just gorgeous. Similar to Nelly Moser. Hope the new hearing aid works better for you. It is so disabling being deaf, especially when there is a crowd.

    Looks like you are going to keep King Richard 3rd in Leicester after all.


  3. How interesting that King Richard 3rd will be moved back to your area at long last. It's also nice to hear what a pretty area with lovely villages surrounds you there.

    In this area we think 400 years is a long time!



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