Friday, 16 May 2014

sunshine again

Firstly I want to set something straight. Last night I again had a comment from anonymous. They accused me of being a blabber mouth because R the gardener did not know about the plans for the house. Why should he? he is the gardener not a tenant. Apart from which you owe me an apology it was DB who spoke to R not me. I was getting lunch. I have asked before that you stop stalking my blog and clear off......if you do not stop sending me vile, sarcastic comments I will  be forced to close this blog down, which would be a pity when so many nice happy people like to read. As it is I do not give you the pleasure you doubtless enjoy seeing your comments, I send them to the trash can which is where they belong!!

Laundry washed overnight is on the line, the sun is quite warm. Last night we slept with the bedroom window slightly open and this morning no running wet windows.......

The garden is beginning to bloom, the fox gloves and iris are showing colour, the pansies we took out of the containers near the front door are still flowering their heads off, the clematis climbing up the bean sticks and the one by the french windows has big fat buds on so it will not be long before they are out too.

Side bed under the sitting room window.

Everything is looking very lush

The large herbaceous beds see the climbing beans on the far right corner.

The other end of the large bed.

Fat buds on a clematis, its a pale lilac one, will soon be in flower if the sunny weather continues.

We have to go this afternoon to get DB's 'spider' fitted and also a top up shop at Aldi, yesterday shop at Tesco only cost me £2.96, I used a £10 voucher.

Friday clean done, so everywhere is sparkly for the weekend. DB is not bowling tomorrow so we may have a little jaunt out.

Fish and chips tonight, I got bananas on the market so banana for dessert.


  1. How wonderful you have got all the flower beds in the short space of time you have been there. Who knows, you may not have to move at the end of summer.

    As for the comments by anonymous, she sounds a very petty and most probably a jealous type, having read the comments she made last week. Please don't let her stop you writing as we all enjoy hearing about your daily life, and seeing your wonderful photos. Today's photos show us all how busy you have both been, and the rewards are going to be spectacular. Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. Love your beautiful garden beds and pots! As always, you and DB add such lovely flowers and plants around your home. Cheers for your green thumbs!

    I'll be interested in finding out what a "spider" is that has to be fitted and is something medical. In all my decades as a nurse, I didn't come across this term for anything to do with medicine, PT, or monitoring. Besides the arachnids, the term "spider" can refer to the metal parts of the top of a lampshade that fit on the harp and are secured by a finial - and I learned that only recently.

    Oh, please just ignore the mean-spirited person who posts petty and horrid things and don't close down this blog, too. Just delete their words and posts with glee and let them live their critical miserable lives without your caring a bit. You have the power!

    Big hugs!

  3. Anne, please don't listen anon I would not want you to close your blog.

  4. No - Please don't close your blog because of some nasty piece of work - you are better than that.

  5. Please don't close your blog-that's just what this troll wants. That's how people like that feel powerful-causing others pain. Just delete them and forget them. I really enjoy your blog and would hate to see it go!

  6. The garden looks lovely. Please don't close your blog, lots of us enjoy reading it. Perhaps just delete anonymous, I'm sure such sad people are motivated by a reaction & would like you to close, giving them a sense of power. No need, lots of us love your blog. How sad to be so mean spirited and petty minded, best ignored, I'm sure. Vee x

  7. Please don't stop blogging. The best thing to do with people like Anon is to ignore them. Dont even mention their post just delete it. These sort of people want the attention that a nasty post would bring so by ignoring them they dont get it, just like you would treat a naughty child by not rising to their tantrums. It is very difficult not to take it personally but they don't know you and would pass you in the street. Treat them with the contempt they deserve as my Mum would say. Su

  8. I haven't previously made any comment; however, I always read your blog with interest. Why someone should feel the need to be spiteful just proves how empty her own life is. Please continue to write, so that the vast majority of people who enjoy your blog don't miss out on your daily comings and goings!

  9. Please don't stop blogging because of one idiot with too much time on their hands and no brain. It took me weeks to find you last time you stopped and started again!

  10. I had a bit of a surprise, I first glanced through todays story and thought you said DB had had the 'spider' fitted at the top of Aldi's!!!! Re-read it properly, but it made me chuckle, what don't Aldi's sell!!!! Don't rise to the bait, just delete horrid comments and carry on, they probably get some peculiar pleasure from making you mad. funny old world.

  11. Don't take any notice of the troll - it's just a small minded, incapable excuse for a human being who probably lives a very lonely existence with nothing else to do with their time - whereas you are someone with a loving family, a brilliant talent for patchwork and an interesting life - they're just jealous and pathetic xxxx

  12. Please don't let a troll get to you- delete them just like you do spam. I would miss your blog so much. I look forward to reading it every day as you're very obviously a nice caring woman. The kind of person I'd love as a neighbor. Patti in New Jersey

  13. Hugs. I know it is hard to hear those things but consider they are anonymous and do not have the courage to stand behind their hateful words. I love your blog and look forward to reading it daily. Hugs.

  14. Like other readers I look forward to your blog every day. The troll is a coward, please just delete the negativity.
    Your daily posts reflect the ups and downs of life which we all experience, we love peeping into your world.
    Pam in TX. xx


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