Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunny Sunday

Its been another really lovely sunny day. We had a a lie in this morning, once breakfast was out of the way I prepped the supper.

We spent most of the time sitting out in the sun reading, so nice to have a relaxing day.

DD2 and DGD came this afternoon bringing DB's absolute favourite cake with them, an apricot swiss roll from M & S so cut into 4 slices it went down very well with a cupof tea.

Supper roast chicken, cauliflower, calebrese, roast potato's gravy followed by apple and blackberry crumble.

The sun is slowly sinking and the heat is going with it, as it did last night, the forecast says it will be good tomorrow but we are forecast rain on Tuesday so a quick scout round for enough laundry to make a load for tonight, should get it dry tomorrow.

We have enjoyed a relaxing day.


  1. How lovely to have a serene and relaxing day today - and a special, yummy cake for tea, along with family members to visit with! As always, your dinner and planned dessert sound delicious, too.

    I've had a tad of a headache all day and my eyes are bothered by the sunlight so that's been no fun. Methinks I won't be sewing as my eyes won't like that light either.

    Tomorrow we're off to see AMIL's sleep doctor so that should be interesting.


  2. That sounds like a perfect day to me, sitting in the sunshine, reading and relaxing. How nice to have your family so close, and to bring a favourite cake too. Enjoy tomorrow whilst the sun lasts.



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