Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sunny Sunday

Lovely bright sunshine this morning and very little breeze. DB went out to the garden and I concentrated on getting supper prepared.

We had our morning tea in the garden. We were just eating our lunch when the bell went and DGD arrived, DD had gone home to put shopping away and was then coming on to us. I made DGD a sandwich, DD when she arrived did not want anything to eat but had a drink. It was very pleasant sitting in the garden talking. Our upstairs neighbour K came round to have a word with DB, apparently our noisy upstairs neighbours are moving  in September so the offer they made on the house must have been accepted.

We sat out for afternoon tea but just after 3pm the sun went in so we decided to call it a day and come into the house. DD and DGD departed to walk home, washing up was done and the chicken prepared to go on for supper.

DB watching snooker. I spent some time this morning taking down the hem on the curtains at the french doors, I need the table out to turn the hems up and pin them so I can sew them back up again.

We had the fire on for a while last night and it was obvious when the curtains were drawn the temperature went up quite a bit. So it looksgood for the winter.

Supper roast chicken, roast potato's cauli calebrese and carrot. Banana and cream for DB yogurt with mine.

It has been a lovely day, hope to have more of the same tomorrow.

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  1. It does sound like you and DB had a delightful day with the beauty of the garden to enjoy and family to share it with.

    I've been amazed at the months it seems to take there in the UK between a house offer being accepted and the move-in date for the new owners. Another friend has had a 3 month wait for her home buying process to end and she hopes to move in early in June. Now these upstairs neighbors won't be moving until September. I know there are variables, but is the actual legal process really this slow and lengthy?

    Dinner and dessert sound yummy. Wish I could join you, but it's really just too far.



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