Sunday, 11 May 2014

So Thats Sunday

Another late morning, after 9am when we woke up.

1pm saw us meeting DD2, DGD and DGD's boyfriend at  local hotel for a carvery lunch. Really good value at £6.99 for a main course and £9.50 for two courses. There were 5 meats on offer pork, beef gammon, lamb and turkey, yorkies etc a real plateful. DB had a bit of each meat, I had lamb, turkey and beef, it was delicious. We did not have a dessert but DD, DGD and boyfriend did, banoffee pie. We returned to DD2's for a cup of tea. DD had worked last night so was showing signs of weariness, so we left to come home and rescue the whirly full of laundry I had hung out, it was wetter than it was when it went out. It is now on the airer in the hall have had a couple of fast spins to get rid of the worst of the water.

DD2 spoke about my uncle who passed away recently, it was he who christened me blondie blue eyes as a toddler. After my step father died my mother started to have the family for lunch and supper the Sunday before Christmas, it became a tradition in the family which I also carried on. Santa Claus always used to pay us a visit. One year UF was Santa, my youngest son then about 5 went up to get his present, regarded Santa for a few moments and then said.....'Thats not Santa its UF I can see the corners of his moustache.......sure enough UF's ginger moustache was poking through the Santa beard.......the room dissolved in gales of laughter, loudest of all was UF!!!

It has done nothing but rain since we came home, its so dark I have had to put the light on in the sitting room.

Our tea is prepared, gammon sandwiches, chocolate and black cherry cheese cake DD sent home with us, DB can get his when he wants it. I will make a pot of tea to go with it.

We have a bit of a busy week coming up, DB has 2 appointments at the Dr's, tuesday I need to go to the market and in the afternoon I am going to see my friend Cotton Reel. She has had some computer problems so has not been posting.


  1. Your birthday celebration lunch at the hotel sounds like it was scrumptious from start to finish and how nice to be together, too!

    We had storms during the late arvo and early evening yesterday but today is sunny and warm.

    The two curtain valances are nearing completion but I've decided to put additional fabric headers on them so the main design won't be too close to the curtain rod. More work for me, but I think I'll be better pleased with the finished product.


  2. Sounds like a lovely time. Cornwall has been rain then sun and more rain. Never Mind.


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