Sunday, 25 May 2014

Searching Sunday

Fine morning, sun keeps coming and going and its breezy.

Machine sold last night going to Isle of Man, lost quite a bit in fees via paypal......robbing b.......

This morning we started the search for the knee lift. I decided to start in the chest at the side of the guest bed, in the bottom drawer was........yes the knee lift. I also went through my threads and found 24 spools that have not been started so will photograph them and they will go on ebay, cash into my account before I post them, I have just listed my Kenwood chef and the slow cooker on Gum tree. I have had the chef for about 3 years and only used it twice, so its going.

 Have also decided to sell the little pine unit thats in the spare room, Collection only. Phew.........I will ring my tame dealer and order the replacement a much smaller lighter  machine, just does sewing and simple embroidery stitches.

I found DB on the floor in the hall yesterday afternoon, had to make him get up because I cannot lift him up, managed to get him into bed...did not do my nerves much good but thats life round here just now.

We have to go and get the polystyrene box for the machine from DD2 its in her spare room, I have tomorrow to collect everything  together and also pack the machine up ready for the courier on Tuesday. I forgot we have appointments at the hospital on Wednesday and Thursday.

Roast Pork for supper with roasties, calebrese and carrots, I have some stewed rhubarb, going to put a sponge topping on it for dessert with some custard. 


  1. You've got better weather than us, we've got rain. Again.

    Can I ask some questions - what is a knee lift?

    Also, I wonder why you're selling your slow cooker, don't you use this anymore? How do you do casseroles etc instead of in the slow cooker?

    Last question - what is a "tame" dealer?

    Hope the weather stays good for you for the rest of the bank holiday.

  2. Hi Gwen A knee lift is a handle that fits into a hole on the machine, you operate it by moving it sideways with your knee and it lifts the presser foot on the machine so you can swivel fabric without taking your hands off the fabric.

    I use a pressure cooker to make stews and casseroles, it uses very little fuel and the meat is done in 20 minutes,

    A tame dealer is just what it says, I have know and dealt with him for years and he is always very helpful, the the past he has helped me out when I have been in a jam with a machine, in one instance when I was making a wedding dress my machine went phut, he collected my machine and lent me one until my machine was up and running again. I have bought my machines from him for well oover 30 years.

    1. Thanks for replying, I think "tame" must mean something different in our different parts of the country, I know it as being the opposite of wild. A "tame" shopkeeper is a new one for me!

  3. When my husband has had a fall I've always been advised to ring for the Paramedics to lift him. They are very kind and helpful.

  4. Cheers and glory be that your machine sold as you hoped it would!!!!! I know the winner of the auction is going to be delighted when it arrives on her doorstep, too. Hope she's paying all shipping costs. What a win-win for both of you!

    I have heard that eBay and Paypal fees are very high, especially now that eBay owns Paypal.

    Sorry to hear about DB's dd but am glad he didn't hurt himself being on the floor or getting up.

    I was going to ask what a "tame" machine dealer was but read your explanation. Over here, "tame" means the opposite of "wild" be it fly-away hair or a lion and I just couldn't imagine a wild man selling sewing machines or being helpful! :)

    We're sunny and still dry but may have rain on Tuesday. Hope so.



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