Saturday, 17 May 2014

Phew....its very warm.

Lovely sunny day, and very warm sat outside the french doors. DB went into town this morning on the bus, came home with a dizzy so in bed for an hour or so.

Lunch outside.

                                   Remember this?

                                     Now it looks like this!!

Borders done binding sewn down and destined for my sales box. Its not a quilt but a table centre, it looks elongated, thats the angle I had to take it at. Its approx 25 inches square.

Supper tonight liver and bacon, veg etc. Banana and ice cream for dessert.


  1. What a lovely quilt. Glad you are having the sunshine, but sorry to hear about DB's dizzy spell again. Not so nice here although it is very warm.


  2. Glad someone has sunshine...enjoy. We have the typical weather for the Victoria Day long weekend ........cloudy, cool and damp.. Possibility of frost tonight, if the sky clears.
    Love the colours of your quilt I have a lot of those shades in my stash.

  3. Beautiful table topper! I imagine it will sell quickly as it's colors and fabrics are lovely. Well done!!

    Bother about the unwelcome dd but am so glad DB managed to get home safely.

    Chilly and sunny here today but I have no complaints about that!


  4. Your topper turned out really pretty. I love the colors. There's something sweet about finishing a project and knowing it's well done. Beautiful!!


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