Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nothing to post about yesterday was feeling down, so decided to keep myself to myself for a change. My cousin phoned to let me know that my Mothers brother had passed away he was 97. They are having to wait 4 weeks for the funeral!!

We did not set the alarm this morning so it was after 9am before we got going. Bread made, ice cream made and in the freezer, a lemon drizzle cake sitting cooling.

DB has gone off to play bowls and I have spent half an hour scribbling with needle and thread on the table centre I made the other week. I have backed it with muslin, I am not buying any more fabric, in fact I am thinking of selling some of it, I have such a lot. I need to decide whether to sell it as yardage or fat quarters. I may well open my etsy shop to sell some of it.  Half an hour concentrating on scribble on purple fabric is enough for today thank you. I will post a piccy when its finished.

Looking through my left over stuff from the craft fairs I need to do some more casserole mats and pot holders, they are fairly cheap to make, except for the heat proof wadding which is expensive, and seem to sell quite well for presents. I have a few other ideas as well, may do some mug rugs too.

No supper tonight DB will get his tea at the club so I will sort out something for myself. No supper tomorrow either we are out for lunch so just will have sandwiches and cake for a late afternoon tea.

My youngest daughter is 46 today!!!!! and my eldest grand daughter 30 next goodness the years have flown by.


  1. You sound a little more positive today, I do so hope everything works out for you and DH.

    Happy birthday to your DD, it is mine today as well, but I am one short of the big 70.

    Much love
    Marie x

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter and to Marie whose comment I just read and an early happy birthday to your granddaughter, too!!

    Well done on bravely scribbling on your purple table mat!! I have three small projects that still await my humble and minimal machine quilting but lack the umph to make myself do them. I hope you're inspired in planning your craft fair projects and that you have a lot of fun when sewing them up.

    I imagine your home smells wonderful since you made both the bread and the lemon drizzle cake. I really need to make a lemon drizzle cake, too.


  3. So sad but 97 is a good age. My nan passed at 92 and it took a while to stop feeling sad but she had a good life . Many Happy returns to your daughter. The years do fly past.

  4. So sorry to read the news about the house and now about your uncle.
    Please let us know if you do put things in your etsy shop or have things to sell - I love the mat I bought from you and would definitely be interested in seeing other items as you have them ready to sell. Hugs xxx


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