Saturday, 31 May 2014

No rain but very dull

My new machine is here and set up, have been having a play on it, works fine, excellent satin stich and  the stitches ontwo modes can be joined together using the memory, so I can still do some fancy work.

I am now going through my bits and strips box, ironing the fabric and cutting it into the biggest pieces I can get from each bit. I then need to go through the fat quarter boxes and see if there are any bits that have had some fabric cut off and cut them up as well, not sure how I am going to store it all, but will find a way. Big pieces I am going to cut either into layer cake size 10" squares, 5" squares for charms and 2 1/2" strips width of the fabric to make mini jelly rolls.

I can see I am going to be busy for a few days, an hour here and there should make quite a difference.

DS is due this afternoon, have to break the news that we are going to have to move again, he will not be pleased.

DB is bowling this afternoon so bacon sandwiches for lunch, so idea what I am getting for my supper might just have cheese on toast or some such.

Bread is on in the breadmaker, we seem to be eating quite a bit just lately. I sold my redundant slow cooker last night so more dosh into the moving fund.


  1. Cheers that your new sewing machine is a pleasure to sew with and that it will do some fancy stitches if you want it to! Wishing you many years of happy sewing and creativity ahead!

    As you consider cutting yardage, remember to keep some for borders, bindings, and backings. I'm also cutting small remnants into the largest squares I can, in sizes 10.5", 8.5", 6.5" 5.5", 3.5" and 2.5". I doubt I'll make a postage stamp quilt that uses 1.5" but have planned a modern kind of pillow using that size square. Those small squares will be grouped in color families and I won't keep too many of them.

    Has there been any word about planning permission being granted to LL? Be sure to blame LL when you tell DS2 about the upcoming house move. Grrrrrrr! I'm still angry with your LL on your behalf!


  2. Do you have many properties to rent in your area?

  3. I am happy to hear that the machine is working out. I have finally bitten the bullet and found a place to go and try out a range of machines.


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