Wednesday, 28 May 2014

More Rain

it was still raining again this morning, we travelled to the hospital with flumes of spray battering the car.

DB was quite a while getting his monitor fitted and when we got home it had stopped working, the lead had become disconnected, once connected up again it was fiine.

I have put my jim jams etc in the spare room for tonight, the thing goes off every half an hour.

Cotton reel phoned early this morning to get her some shopping from Aldi when we go tomorrow, so I have 2 lists pinned together. DB and I did a freezer audit before we went out, apart from pork chops and a chicken I do not need any meat for next month. I also want to use up some of the stuff in the pantry.

I have cleared out my birthday card blanks, will either sell them at a boot fair or put them on Ebay. I have my drawer of stabiliser to clear and sort out I know I have some full packets that can be sold on. I have 6 more free insertions on Ebay for this month, after that I have 20 free insertions for June, hopefully that will see most of the stuff cleared out. Some of the finer iron on stuff I will keep, I might sell the rest in a job lot along with reels of thread.

Bed linen ironed and put away, no more washing till the forecast is better, I have the towels to wash, they take ages to dry, so it may well be the weekend before they get done.

Supper tonight, the last two Scotch pies I brought down from Scotland, with mash, beans and onion gravy. The last 2 helpings of the rhubarb crumble for dessert.


  1. I hope all goes well with the monitor. Are you using up pantry stuff and having a clear out of sewing stuff ready for a move? Or are you sticking it out there? It doesn't sound as if it's a very nice atmosphere there now, which is sad. But - always think onwards and upwards, your dream home will be just around the corner.....

  2. You do stay busy! I'm glad you were able to easily reconnect the lead for DB's monitor and that you've made good progress in your sewing room clear-out.

    AMIL seems over-medicated on this sleeping pill dose so am headed over there.

    Again, please send rain!


  3. Odd, I commented and followed the procedure to post as usual, but the message now reads "Comment should not be empty". It wasn't empty. Oh, well, to repeat myself:

    You do stay busy! Cheers that you were easily able to reconnect the monitor lead and that you're doing so well at the sewing room clear-out!

    AMIL seems to be over-medicated on the sleep medicine so have a call into her doctor about that and am heading next door.

    Again, please send rain!


  4. Hope it's drier today with a nice dose of sunshine to warm you up!
    We're heading into the garden this morning - Bob will mow and I will water. Nobody in the family wants to really do much while we're away (leave Tues.) so I dread what it will look like on our return at the end of June! Hopefully Mother Nature will lower the temps. (93F yesterday, a hot one) and send gentle rains to keep everything growing.

    Hugs to you both - Mary


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