Monday, 5 May 2014


It may be a bank holiday but for us its just Monday. DB switched the alarm off and promptly went off to sleep again so it was rather later than we intended to get up.

Monday clean done whilst DB did a little more at the garden, the last piece under the sitting room window is quite difficult, lots of couch grass and sticky willow coming up not to mention a sycamore seedling.

We had morning tea and lunch outside, its been a bright morning, but seems to be clouding over, rain is forecast from the west later.

Supper tonight chicken from yesterday with salad and some new potato's. banana for dessert, DB asked for baked banana.

A couple of days ago I received a comment from anonymous, who did not care to identify themselves, they did not like the comment I made about the firemen in the pictures of Souter Johnnies Cottage, well tough, if you do not like what you read then buzz off and read someone else's blog. This is the second comment I have had from this person recently, needless to say they have been deleted and any further anonymous comments will also go in the trash!!


  1. I hope DB triumphs over the unwanted garden volunteer plants and can make it a beautiful and easy care area.

    Cheers for deleting the narrow-minded anonymous comments. You have the power!!

    We have rain possible later today, too, but so far, it's been sunny and pleasantly cool. AMIL and I went for her pacemaker check and all is well so that's a plus.

    Wishing you well on your endeavors today.


  2. Anonymous was only jealous! Who, in their right mind wouldn't look twice at a man in uniform, holding his hose?!!!!! Busy here, extra day off from work and have dug fruit and veg plot, so feeling very righteous and now enjoying a glass of vino before the aches and pains kick in!!!!

  3. THank you for your blog. I enjoy it every day. I am seriously envious of all the gardening as we are not even green here yet, lake is still frozen solid as well.

  4. Those anonymous readers need to get a life. Don't let them upset you...just use your delete key and they will not be heard from again.

    It sounds as though your garden is shaping up beautifully. We planted a few flowers but we will not plant veggies this year because we have so many other things to manage for the next few months.

    Wishing you a wonderful Early Summer.


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