Thursday, 1 May 2014

Is It Really May???

The calender says its May, the time seems to be going by at a rate of knots.

Aldi for groceries, managed to keep it under control, just £46, not bad. Supper tonight sausage mash and beans. possibly banana for dessert.

Easter Sunday we visited Culzean Castle the home of the Kennedy Clan.

The front entrance to the castle with the little bus that runs up from the  car park.

We were not allowed to take pictures inside to post on blogs etc so all the pictures are of the castle and its grounds. The castle is built on a  cliff top promontory into the Firth of Clyde.

View from the castle walls to the north.

The clock tower.


The tree in full blossom

Pink magnolia, its a while since I saw one of these.



pretty in purple

The formal garden round the castle.

Scottish Bluebells

                        From the castle looking towards the north.

Someone commented that my pictures of Burns Cottage were not the same as the ones she had. A £1 million renovation of the cottage was undertaken in 2009 to celebrate 250 years since Burns birth. You can google for the information about it and the new museum which they have built.


  1. What wonderful photos of an amazing castle and grounds! I'm glad you and DB got to visit here.

    I've never seen a rhododendron trimmed to have the low branches and trunk visible. Our rhododendrons are shrubs, albeit some are rather large.

    Love the pink magnolia!

    It's sunny and horribly humid here today. Officially we had 4.5" of rain in April but DH and I think our area gets more rain sometimes than is part of the official measurement.


  2. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for showing us Culzean Castle. Can you tell me how your pronounce that name please. I thought Burns house was so pretty.

    We have had a miserable day here, damp and drizzle most of the time. I believe the temps are supposed to improve over the weekend, especially down South.



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