Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I thought it was May

The weather seems to think its still April!!

Into town this morning, library and then pick up fruit from the market and back to the house for a quick sandwich and then off to see my quilting guru.

It poured with rain on the way down the A46, then we had bright sunshine, followed by more rain and when I got back home the roads were running with water.

My trip to cotton reels was great I took her some plants for her garden 2 hostas and a climbing Jasmin called clotted cream. Cups of tea and chocolate cake were the order of the day along with all the gossip, its a few weeks since last saw her.

Bluebell popped in for a few minutes, she is off to Portugal at the weekend on holiday.

DB had been working in the garden whilst I had been out, we are just keeping it weed free for the time being, I am not planting up  anything else. The wooden planters that DS2 made for me have scarlet geraniums planted up; the daffodil bulbs have been taken out and put on wire racking to die off and the bulbs to dry ready for planting in the autumn.

I managed to get the sheets dry before I went out so ironing tomorrow. I plan to spend the afternoon sorting out the feet etc for my Janome machine and photographing it ready to put on flea bay. I am sad that it has to go, but needs must.

Supper scotch pies, mash, cauliflower and calebrese with onion gravy. Dessert lemon drizzle cake with ice cream.


  1. So happy you and Cottonreel got to get together for a good chin wag and delicious morsels. Hope you were able to sort out her computer woes. It was nice that Bluebell could pop in, too.

    Sorry that LL cannot be forced to pay for the move she is causing and that you must bid goodbye to your Janome.


  2. It's too bad you must sell your 12000. Do you at least have another machine that will get you by? One thing I'm sure of is that you will have a lovely garden wherever you live. I would so love to meet Cottonreel. She seems like such a lovely person.


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