Thursday, 22 May 2014


We were promised storms last night, we did have rain, but not the severe storms we were lead to believe were heading our way.

We have had periods of sunshine this morning, but it started to rain just after lunch just a shower. Its quite warm when the sun is out but soon cools down.

I have an appointment to see the consultant about my ear tomorrow so did half the Friday clean this morning, sitting room and hall cleaned, will do the kitchen and passageway on Saturday.

We were expecting the bat people last night but they did not materialise, maybe because they got all they needed last week. We too spotted bats flying out as it was getting dusk last night, they were coming from the roof above the upstairs flat. So bats still living here has been established. What now???

Sewing machine on EBay now has 16 finishes Saturday evening.

Supper tonight spag bol, possibly strawberries and ice cream for dessert.


  1. We had thunderstorms rolling through on Tuesday night. Today is lovely, blue skies and temps climbing, but it is quite windy which makes it feel cool.
    We have been promised a lovely weekend, so hope forecasters are right...this time.
    You have quite a few watchers looking at your sewing machine, hope you are able to sell it.
    Our guild is meeting at my house this evening, so must get a few nibbles in for refreshment time. I always love looking at what our members have to display during our show and tell period of the meeting.
    Only one more meeting...June... and then we break up for the Summer starting again in September.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. We were told we'd have storms yesterday evening and overnight but things seem dry as a bone outside. Rain would have been nice.

    Ha! The bat situation is close to having bats in your belfry as we used to say when we were kids - indicating the person couldn't think straight.

    Whoopie! I successfully quilted around the center design in a small wall quilt after having my bobbin thread tangle into a wad when I tried the first time last Saturday. Now to get the straight stitching done.

    Hope all goes well at your appt. tomorrow and that you've improved.


  3. Down here in Dover we had heavy rain, a couple of flashes of lightening and a few rumbles of thunder last night. There was a bit of drizzle this morning but its been fine ever since. Last week we had an almighty hail storm with hail stones the size of small pebbles. Really weird weather changes. I hope you manage to sell your sewing machine.


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