Thursday, 15 May 2014

Has summer come???

Another lovely sunny day. Washer load of whites including DB's bowls trousers in the machine, out on the whirly and dried by mid afternoon. A visit to see the hypertension nurse this morning, what high blood pressure? it was fine.......

DB spent the afternoon weeding in the garden. R the chap who cuts the lawns was there when we got back from the surgery, he did not know about the house, LL had not told him of their plans......

I decided to nip off to Tesco and get the few bits I cannot get from Aldi, will be going to Aldi tomorrow when DB goes to get his spider fitted. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the garden reading and drinking tea. A slice of lemon drizzle cake went down very well too.

Sausage and mash for supper, the last of the strawberries I got from the market for dessert.

I put my big embroidery machine on flea bay last night..... 5 watchers but that means nothing. If it does not sell it can be re-advertised 3 more times. Just hoping it does sell.


  1. You've had another day of great accomplishments and a well deserved rest in your lovely garden!

    Fingers crossed your embroidery machine sells as you need it to.

    I'm just in from a trip to pick up medicine samples from AMIL's GI doctor to help her save money this month. Those medicines are so very expensive.

    I hope to get some machine quilting done this arvo and DH wants to install the purchased window shades and the valances I finished, too.

    Storms are possible this arvo and a certainty tonight.


  2. fingers crossed for a successful ebay sale, I've got a couple of things listed but no luck so far you just can't tell how things will go.

    I wonder why you published the anonymous comment, deleting it wouldn't give them the satisfaction they crave. There are some funny folk around these days :-( I'm wondering if this is someone you know?

    Enjoy the sunshine apparently we're in for a heatwave here in the UK.


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