Monday, 12 May 2014


Thank you so much to those of you who have sent comments regarding our situation with the property we moved into in March and the various suggestions for help.

We signed a 6 month binding lease which, if we break it, will cost us 3 months rent and our deposit, a total of £2,300 which we just cannot afford to loose. The contract is legally binding for the 6 months, no get out unless the land lady releases us which she has said she will not. The whole thing rests on so many ifs and buts. If the council give planning permission for the house to be demolished, if they can get a developer interested enough to buy the site, and, if bats are no longer roosting in the roof space. No one can do anything, we are all in a state of limbo.

If we apply to the local council we will only be given a one bedroom  flat and there is not enough room to swing a cat let alone for 2 people. If we turn down 3 properties they may offer we go back to the bottom of the list regardless.

 We need a spare bedroom, I suffer from insomnia and in order not to disturb DB by having the light on, I decamp to the spare room. He is also a restless sleeper and once he starts waving his arms about and 'running' he wakes me and again I decamp to the spare room. Councils do not recognise this, according to them a couple only need one bedroom and thats it. We have tried the housing associations in the past and had no luck.

This is why we have always rented privately.

As far as the caravan is concerned putting it on storage is an expensive business and we just cannot afford that either. £30 a month may be cheap to some people, to us it is more than a weeks food, so where ever we go we have to have permission to site the van or it has to go and holidays will be very restricted. Its all  very well saying well you can rent this or that but price is a big consideration Even a holiday van on a site can be well over £100 just for 3 or 4 days.

I am still trying to dry the washing from yesterday, its still very wet despite being left in the lounge with the residual heat from the fire. It has been so cold this last few days we have had to have the gas fire on. I dare not put the central heating back on even though we have turned some of the rads off.

The weather does not know what to do one minute its sunny the next pouring with rain, no point in doing the bed linen, so I have put it in the washer to do on E7 tonight.

Land lady will be here this afternoon I will try and get her to read the  electricity meter. It has not been read since we came back from holiday.

Supper tonight is egg and chips, there is a banana left which we will have for dessert.


Land lady and surveyor have been. Reasonable meeting with LL she does understand how we feel, but cannot see anything happening for at least 12 months if everything goes through and they find someone to build or she and her children develop the site themselves. Well thats OK but we will not be here in 12 months time, sorry....... the bat people will be here tonight and again when it starts to get light in the morning to see if there are bats in the attics, if no bats are seen then they can go for planning permission to demolish the building.

We will start looking for somewhere else in the middle of August, we will  not move until we find somewhere that is exactly what we are looking for, so she could be stuck with us for a while.


  1. Again, I am so very sorry for this most unwelcome conundrum your LL has put you and the other residents in. I wish you had legal recourse to protect your rights or to force your LL to pay your moving costs into a new home. How can the LL legally break your lease (excellent tenants that you are) without consequences to her as owner? Does any protest you make thru official channels throw you back on the 1 bedroom housing council list?

    I hope you and DB find the perfect home, at the perfect time, in the perfect location, and at the perfect price that won't ever be sold for any reason.

    Wishing you both well as you ride whatever waves come your way.

    Big hugs!

  2. Such a difficult situation to be in. Perhaps they will find bats tonight, or maybe some of the other tenants will sneak some into the attics!! I expect the other tenants are feeling very let down too. I'm sure something suitable will turn up in the next few months, I do hope so. My daughter was offered a council house which was nowhere near big enough, and when she turned it down, the council made it clear to her that she had only 2 more chances. Luckily for her, the next property worked well for her. I'm sure all your family will have their eyes and ears open for something nearby for you and DB,and with space to keep your caravan too.


  3. I sense that you are feeling slightly more positive about your horrible situation, you and hubby seem very practical, I really hope that you find a new place for yourselves and caravan easily.
    Kathy x

  4. It's not as bad as you thought then as you're now not in a hurry to find somewhere else. You're not homeless or likely to be.
    A solution to the arm waving running husband would be single beds.
    Once the winter arrived you'd be regretting choosing your present place anyway, single glazing means money ebbs through the windows!
    I think you'll now be regretting moving from your last place or the apartment before that.

  5. Thank you for clarifying your situation, and I hope that you did not take offence about what I had suggested. I am glad your landlady is being at least a little understanding, but I agree with you that she does not deserve you as tenants until it suits her to evict you, so you should leave as soon as you find a good alternative after August. I wish you luck. X

  6. I'm glad to hear that your LL was reasonable, but that wasn't much actual help, was it?

    Wish I was there to help in some way, not that I'm that great at anything - but I would enjoy your cooking!

    Big hugs!


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