Saturday, 3 May 2014

Broughton House

On our second day at the Solway View site we went into Kirkcudbright to see Broughton House. We had visited the house in 1996 before it was transferred to the National Trust.

 Right in the heart of Kirkcudbright, a pretty artists’ colony on the Solway Firth, this 18th-century Georgian house is the former home of Scottish painter E A Hornel, one of the Glasgow Boys. Painstakingly preserved and recreated, it’s a living museum of Hornel’s life and work, packed to the rafters with his paintings and those of his contemporaries, as well as his vast library, which includes one of the world’s biggest collections of works by Robert Burns.

Nestled behind the house, backing on to the River Dee, is Hornel’s beautiful garden. Greatly influenced by his love of Japan, it’s a curious and colourful mixture of Eastern and Western horticulture and sculpture that is a delight to explore.

Internally the house had not changed that much except that the cellars under the house have now been opened up so they can be viewed.

It was in the garden that the biggest changes were to be seen. When we first went the feeling was much more of an oriental feel and there was a picturesque Japanese bridge over the pond. That is no longer there, apparently it was not a part of the garden in Hornel's day so it was removed. The stepping stones are still there though for anyone who is brave enough to walk over them.
 Looking down the garden towards the summer house, the old house we saw years ago, which was on a turntable so it could be turned to face the sun, has been replaced by a static one.

A brilliant white azalea.

Pots of tulips outside the doors into the downstairs exhibition space.

Solomans seal, I am searching for a root of this. I love its arching shape with the delicate bells dropping underneath.

The new greenhouse, this replaced one which was badly damaged in a storm, filled with lots of lovely plants and flowers to be planted out in due season.

The view across the mouth of the Dee from the wall at the bottom of the garden. There is a seat here which we sat on for a while just watching the activity, or lack of it.

                     Pretty little double geranium in the green house.

There were several of these mauve orchids in pots, not an easy plant to grow, and not destined for the garden, but as an arrangement of pots in the house.

Originally all the beds were surrounded by box, which they had to remove because of blight, they have replaced them with this slow growing golden yew.

                             A very pleasant place to sit

Another magnificent magnolia. It seems to have been a good year for them.

A mixed bed of double tulips, not my favourite bulb, but these were certainly unusual.

The Japanese influence, a cherry tree in full bloom.

The pond where the Japanese bridge used to stand

Ailsa Craig just appearing out of the sea mist.

Thats all folks, I did not take any more photos.

Its was a sunny morning when we woke up, a vast change from yesterday when I had to put the gas fire on it was so cold.

Friday clean done this morning as we were out yesterday. DB is bowling this afternoon, no  idea what I am going to do, amybe the sewing room will get treated to a visit from me!!

No supper to get tonight DB will have his tea at the bowls club so I will find something to eat myself. Need to do some baking either today or tomorrow, not a cake or scone to be seen.

Made a chocolate sponge cake and a ring of scone. Decided to use the main oven in the house, not impressed, cooked the sponges on the same shelf and the sides are rather overcooked, will see how the scones come out.

DB gone off to bowls, I am going to sit in the garden and read for a while.


  1. Thank you so much for the visit to Broughton House. Your photos make it so inviting, I want to go there myself now. The flowers, gardens and magnolias are stunning.

    Hope you enjoyed a peaceful afternoon, sitting reading in your garden. Glad DB is enjoying his bowling too.


  2. What lovely gardens on the grounds of Broughton House and I know, as much as you and DB enjoy gardening, this was a real treat for you both. What a prefect season to be there, too, with the beauty of the spring flowers. Ta for sharing all of these pretty pictures with us!

    I hope it's a pleasure for you to settle back into the routine of home. Did you get into your sewing room today or did the book keep you entralled?

    It's sunny and not too hot today and am trying to keep cleaning but am already tired. Bother!


  3. Lovely photos of your trip, you were lucky with the weather! Glad you had a bit of time to yourself today. I had the same, but ended up just sitting, sewing in the conservatory!!! Should really have been in the garden, always tomorrow!!!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip to beautiful Kirkcudbright. Just to let you know that is Ross Island and lighthouse in your last photo - just over the hill from where you were camping - rather than Ailsa Craig. Sorry I'm posting as anonymous - but I don't use any of the other accounts.


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