Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Another lovely sunny day

DB retired to bed yesterday afternoon with a dizzy the first one for 28 days!! We have just got back from the market and he is back in bed again, looks like the pattern might be changing will have to see what happens tomorrow.

DH went for his blood test. I went to the library and got some new books, walked down through the market, a stall was selling runner bean plants  £1 a strip, DB bought some. I got strawberries, raspberries and some nectarines for the fruit bowl, some birthday cards, the TV mag and stamps, we had a couple of letters to post.

We had blue sky when we got up but very little sun, it keeps coming and going, but its reasonably warm outside. We had rain overnight and I think there is more due later today.

Macaroni cheese for supper with tonato and celery salad amd may be a baked potato. Think we might have raspberries and stawberries for dessert, or I might just make a raspberry cheese cake....hhhmmm...........

The cheesecake won, delicious...........


  1. Make a cheesecake, I would, it is one of my "can not resist" desserts, mind you that is a long list. i am only making a pudding on Sundays now, the weight is going and I would not like to turn the tide. I hope that DB is feeling better and that his condition is resolved soon, chronic illness wears everyone down. I am making Liver and veg in onion gravy with dumplings tonight,still eating my way through the freezers. We had rain through the night but it dried up around 10:30.

  2. Bother that the dds are back but it was a lovely stretch of time without them. If there's a flurry of them now, perhaps there will be an even longer time before they occur again. We can hope!

    It sounds like you and DB had a lovely outing with pleasant weather. I seem to have been running hither and thither lately, so plan to stay home today and do more cleaning/clearing or sewing.

    Your dinner menu sounds yummy and I hope your fresh fruits are delicious!



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