Monday, 19 May 2014

Another lovely sunny day, but there is a breeze which is keeping it cooler.

Monday clean done, sat in the garden to have our morning tea. DB went almost a month without a dizzy now he is having one almost every other day......drives us nutty. We will have to see what the monitor says when he takes it back at the end of the month. He had a letter from the cardiac consultant this morning he has to go and see him next month so we should get the results of all raft of tests he has had then.

I did manage to do some sewing this morning, a pot holder made, just have to sew the binding down. I am using the machine I bought for workshops, its like using a sherman tank against the rolls royce of my other machine, clunks and bangs, but at least I am getting to grips with the speed using the foot control. 

Supper tonight chicken and salad, more of the crumble for dessert.


  1. Bother about the dds but am so glad for the monitor as there may be a clue in those records. I wonder if it is caused by a vasovagal hiccup?

    I have a dear quilting friend who has always used her mother's Featherweight machine to make all of her wonderful quilts and smaller projects. Hope your tank of a machine works as well and as faithfully as her Featherweight.

    Am on a timetable today to be ready for a 1:15p appt. Will also go to the library to return DVDs en route home. Hope AMIL slept well.


  2. Could the spider thingy have anything to do with DB's dizzy spells. Hopefully the Consultant will get to grips with it all. How lovely to sit out for morning coffees. It is also very sunny and warm here today. Planted out the last of the container pots with ice plants (mesembryanthemums) and petunias.



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