Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Am I seeing things - its the sun

Sun streaming in when we got up this morning. Towels out on the line, bed linen ironed and put away, some sewing done. Gosh I have been busy. Also made a loaf and some leek and lentil soup for lunch.

DB went for his blood test this morning, its fine so 8 weeks before he goes back again, its taken well over a year to balance the waferin. He is out in the garden planting up the  wooden plant containers with geraniums and lobelia.

My shoulders are sore after all my efforts this morning, so just having a bit of a chill, then need to sort the supper. Calebrese and cauliflower gratin, baked potato's and tomato's. I bought some strawberries yesterday so we will have them with ice cream for dessert tonight, there should be enough for tomorrow too.

We have another visit to the Drs tomorrow to get the results of the blood test DB had taken last week and Friday we have to travel into Glenfield for him to get a 'spider' what ever that is fitted. He cannot have a shower for 2 weeks!!!!! so its going to have to be strip washes. The spider is one of the tests his consultant asked for before he sees him again next month.

Cotton reel saw my over sunglasses yesterday, they fit over my ordinary glasses and have a shield down the side to prevent the sun coming in from the side. She tried mine on and really liked them so I rang our old optician and they are sending me a pair for her. Very obliging.

Towels have dried so been folded and put away, I have another load of washing to do tonight on E7 ready to put out in the morning.


  1. Sounds like a very eventful day for you both today. The 'spider' thing sounds intriguing!! Hope all goes well for the blood tests again.
    Those over sunglasses you mention sound a great idea. I have some clip on ones, but the added part at the side sounds a really good idea, especially for driving.
    It's been another glorious day here too. Lawns cut hanging baskets planted up too. Glad you sound a lot happier today and perhaps the worries you had over the weekend have eased a little for you.


  2. Looking forward to the sun glasses. Thank you so much . Lovely afternoon with you as usual
    busy day today planting
    xx Till the next time

  3. Glad someone has the sunshine, as our forecast is rain/thunderstorms today, and rain up until Sat. Not sitting well with a lot of people planning on camping this weekend, this is our first long holiday weekend of the year....Victoria Day.
    Yes, warfarin does take a long time to regulate, my OH was also advised to reduce his intake of lettuce and other greens. Just saying.

  4. I hope the sunshine is helping you cope with all the negativity surrounding your rental home etc. I've been very busy and commenting less the past week, but just read back to see what was transpiring in my absence here. What a sad situation - I pray that the outcome of all this possible upheaval works to your advantage Anne - and that you and E find another perfect place to hang your hats soon!

    You are in my thoughts - love, Mary


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