Friday, 30 May 2014

A Better Morning

Its very grey, but warmer outside than yesterday, towels out on the whirly.

I had a phone call last night from the lady who bought my machine, she was over the moon, said it was so well packed and in perfect condition, cannot wait to try it out at the weekend, Apparently she had an 11000 but had never used the embroidery unit. We had quite a conversation about nursing she was a nurse is now an administrator.

So glad that it arrived ok and the lady is delighted with it. I am just waiting now for my new machine to be delivered sometime today. DB has gone into the town on the bus to change his library books, make an opticians appointment for me and get a new battery for his watch.

I am off to see Cotton Reel this afternoon, so DB will be on guard if the machine has not arrived by the time I leave.

Supper tonight fish and chips, I have done fruit cocktial in jelly for dessert, will do us a couple of nights.


  1. I am going to visit a friend as well today. We shall talk and talk and talk.

  2. So glad you and Cotton reel are having a delightful get together today and that you could aid her by getting things she needed at Aldi while you were there. Hope your new sewing machine arrived while you were still at home, but it's good DB arranged his errand so he could be there this arvo.

    It's overcast here and cool. We had more rain last night and a brief shower this morning.

    Dinner here will be red beans and rice with some hot bread. Just the thing for a damp and chilly night.



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