Saturday, 31 May 2014

No rain but very dull

My new machine is here and set up, have been having a play on it, works fine, excellent satin stich and  the stitches ontwo modes can be joined together using the memory, so I can still do some fancy work.

I am now going through my bits and strips box, ironing the fabric and cutting it into the biggest pieces I can get from each bit. I then need to go through the fat quarter boxes and see if there are any bits that have had some fabric cut off and cut them up as well, not sure how I am going to store it all, but will find a way. Big pieces I am going to cut either into layer cake size 10" squares, 5" squares for charms and 2 1/2" strips width of the fabric to make mini jelly rolls.

I can see I am going to be busy for a few days, an hour here and there should make quite a difference.

DS is due this afternoon, have to break the news that we are going to have to move again, he will not be pleased.

DB is bowling this afternoon so bacon sandwiches for lunch, so idea what I am getting for my supper might just have cheese on toast or some such.

Bread is on in the breadmaker, we seem to be eating quite a bit just lately. I sold my redundant slow cooker last night so more dosh into the moving fund.

Friday, 30 May 2014

A Better Morning

Its very grey, but warmer outside than yesterday, towels out on the whirly.

I had a phone call last night from the lady who bought my machine, she was over the moon, said it was so well packed and in perfect condition, cannot wait to try it out at the weekend, Apparently she had an 11000 but had never used the embroidery unit. We had quite a conversation about nursing she was a nurse is now an administrator.

So glad that it arrived ok and the lady is delighted with it. I am just waiting now for my new machine to be delivered sometime today. DB has gone into the town on the bus to change his library books, make an opticians appointment for me and get a new battery for his watch.

I am off to see Cotton Reel this afternoon, so DB will be on guard if the machine has not arrived by the time I leave.

Supper tonight fish and chips, I have done fruit cocktial in jelly for dessert, will do us a couple of nights.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Where is Noah with his boat???

Still raining sigh......

Busy morning, PO to collect a Mirror with a £5 voucher for Aldi, Tesco to put fuel in the car, aldi to do mine and Cotton Reels shopping, hospital t gake back the two monitors and  then home.

Shopping unpacked and put away, lunch and its still raining!!

Just had a call to say that the machine has arrived, phew...... and no signs of any damage....... hopefully my new machine will be here sometime tomorrow. DB is bowling on Saturday so I will be playing with the new machine and putting it through its paces.

My workshop brother machine auction finishes on Saturday, it will sell there is a bid on it, just how much it will go for remains to be seen, it is packed up jest need to seal the box.

Grilled gammon, potato wedges, tomato and cerlery salad for supper, banana for dessert.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

More Rain

it was still raining again this morning, we travelled to the hospital with flumes of spray battering the car.

DB was quite a while getting his monitor fitted and when we got home it had stopped working, the lead had become disconnected, once connected up again it was fiine.

I have put my jim jams etc in the spare room for tonight, the thing goes off every half an hour.

Cotton reel phoned early this morning to get her some shopping from Aldi when we go tomorrow, so I have 2 lists pinned together. DB and I did a freezer audit before we went out, apart from pork chops and a chicken I do not need any meat for next month. I also want to use up some of the stuff in the pantry.

I have cleared out my birthday card blanks, will either sell them at a boot fair or put them on Ebay. I have my drawer of stabiliser to clear and sort out I know I have some full packets that can be sold on. I have 6 more free insertions on Ebay for this month, after that I have 20 free insertions for June, hopefully that will see most of the stuff cleared out. Some of the finer iron on stuff I will keep, I might sell the rest in a job lot along with reels of thread.

Bed linen ironed and put away, no more washing till the forecast is better, I have the towels to wash, they take ages to dry, so it may well be the weekend before they get done.

Supper tonight, the last two Scotch pies I brought down from Scotland, with mash, beans and onion gravy. The last 2 helpings of the rhubarb crumble for dessert.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wot a day!!

It started at 915am when DB came in with a card from parcel force saying they had called for the machine at 7.10!! What!! I was onto parcel force and the chap has just been and collected it....phew, then we got a letter from NPower saying we owed then £105 for 18 days electricity, I don't think so....DB was on the phone for ages. this is the problem when you cannot get into the cellar to read the meters, I think they have just taken a number doubled it and sent us the bill, more time on the phone to find out when SSE took over the account.

I have listed some more stuff on flea bay and also priced up all my card making stuff, cannot decide whether to put it on flea bay or sell it at a market.

I have tidied up the sewing room and chucked out a load of scrappy bits, I have about 150 squares of fabric, wondering whether to sell them on or not. I also have some width of the fabric 2 1/2" strips, might make them into mini jelly rolls.

Its rained most of the day and is freezing, we had hotties again last night.

Macaroni cheese and salad for supper, more of the rhubarb sponge left, so thats dessert.

We have 2 hospital trips tomorrow and Thursday, I will also be doing my Aldi shop before we go on Thursday.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Yuk..its raining

It was fine early on I put laundry out and had to fetch it in.

Monday clean done and then started to pack up the sewing machine, wrote a letter to go in it and then lost it.....found it later in a different place along with a load of other stuff I had been unable to find.

All packed up and ready to go. I am sad to see her go but I am not going to make any more large quilts and I have not been using the embroidery unit since we moved so it time for her to go to a new home, and when the time comes I have the money to fubd another move all tied up.

Then.......started looking for carrier.....excuse me whilst I swear it has taken me 5 hours blood sweat and tears to find someone to deliver to the Isle of Man. Everyone kept saying the parcel was too heavy for them. Spoke the the chap whose wife had bought the machine, also spoke to my dealer who told me to try Parcel Force. I had tried them before but eventually got in and 'heavens be praised' they are collecting tomorrow and it will be delivered on Thursday. Double phew, I had visions of us having to take it up.......I am exhausted.

This is what is being delivered on Friday a much smaller machine, no embroidery unit.

The rain started whilst we were having our lunch so clothes now on the airer in the hall.....forecast is not good for the rest of the week, cannot see me getting the towels done, the bed lined will dry ok inside, but I hate the towels drying inside.

I have ordered my new machine it should come on Friday......asked for a delay shipping as we have hospital appointments Weds and Thurs.

Supper tonight sausage, mash and beans.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Searching Sunday

Fine morning, sun keeps coming and going and its breezy.

Machine sold last night going to Isle of Man, lost quite a bit in fees via paypal......robbing b.......

This morning we started the search for the knee lift. I decided to start in the chest at the side of the guest bed, in the bottom drawer was........yes the knee lift. I also went through my threads and found 24 spools that have not been started so will photograph them and they will go on ebay, cash into my account before I post them, I have just listed my Kenwood chef and the slow cooker on Gum tree. I have had the chef for about 3 years and only used it twice, so its going.

 Have also decided to sell the little pine unit thats in the spare room, Collection only. Phew.........I will ring my tame dealer and order the replacement a much smaller lighter  machine, just does sewing and simple embroidery stitches.

I found DB on the floor in the hall yesterday afternoon, had to make him get up because I cannot lift him up, managed to get him into bed...did not do my nerves much good but thats life round here just now.

We have to go and get the polystyrene box for the machine from DD2 its in her spare room, I have tomorrow to collect everything  together and also pack the machine up ready for the courier on Tuesday. I forgot we have appointments at the hospital on Wednesday and Thursday.

Roast Pork for supper with roasties, calebrese and carrots, I have some stewed rhubarb, going to put a sponge topping on it for dessert with some custard. 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Woo Hoo

Machine sold!!!


After all the good weather we have now had 2 days of rain, rain and more rain, shades of the winter???? It has been very heavy and the patio is flooded again. Wonder if the water will affect what ever it is we have in the garden, we have not seen much activity over the last couple of days. I was asked how K knew he had bees and wasps in his chimney. The fireplace in his bedroom, where the chimney is, has a plate inside the chimney which closes it off and can be opened if a fire is lit. He has found both wasps and bees in his bedroom although the windows have been closed, he investigated the chimney and when he opened the plate he ended up with several insects flying round the room, so he shut it smartly. When he spoke to our LL he was told that they knew about the nests and were not prepared to do anything about them.

DB is supposed to be bowling this afternoon, looks a but iffy to me, we wait for a phone call, if we do not get one then the game is on. So no supper required.

No idea what I am going to do whilst he is out, doubt if I will be doing any sewing although I do have a pot holder to sew the binding down on.

The sky appears to be getting lighter, we had to put the light on in the sitting room it was so dark........but its still raining.............

Update, bowls match off, phone call after DB had eaten his lunch and changed!!

He is now in bed, I asked him to find some information for me, thought he was taking a long time, went out and found him on the floor in the he had to get up, I cannot lft him, got him into bed, he said he thinks he got up too quickly after bending down. The attacks are ramping up again he had one just before supper last night. Getting a bit cheesed off. I know he cannot help it, however its my nerves that are at screaming pitch just now.

Friday, 23 May 2014

We got torrential rain yesterday afternoon and evening, at one stage the slabs on the patio outside the french windows were like a lake. Its cleared this morning although we have had dark clouds scudding over interspersed with blue skies. The garden has stool up well to the heavy rain, we will not need to water for quite a few days, the Comtess de Bouchard clematis is in bloom and one of the others is going mad up the wigwam, so we should get a good few flowers on that. I think its the original one that was on the fence in our last garden.

Appointment at the hospital to see the ENT consultant, no inflammation, no point in operating on my ear, which I already knew. it would not make any difference to my hearing, but I did need a new ear piece to my hearing aid, so an appointment with the audiologist to take another impression, should get it through the post in about 4 weeks.

We then went to Tesco for some bits, I had some vouchers to use up, 8 items cost me £8.36!! My goodness no wonder so many people are going to Aldi and Lidl.

Back home it was lunch time, we finished off the garlic bread from last night with some grated cheese on it, I had a couple of crackers as well.

Might do a bit of sewing later, on the other hand I might just sit and read.

Fish and chips for supper, we have some strawberries left so will finish them off for dessert.

According to the news it would appear that we are to keep the remains of Richard III. I am pleased, it will mean that Leicester and Leicestershire will, at last, get more tourists coming to the city and County. Many people pass through, not many stop to look at the City and the wonderful countryside we have around us here. There are plenty of pretty villages too.

Plans are in hand for a special service next year to re-bury the remains of Richard in the Cathedral. A special tomb has been designed to mark the spot where he will lie, in peace. He died outside Leicester and was hurriedly buried in Greyfriars Church, it's only fitting that he should be re-interred close to his original resting place.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


We were promised storms last night, we did have rain, but not the severe storms we were lead to believe were heading our way.

We have had periods of sunshine this morning, but it started to rain just after lunch just a shower. Its quite warm when the sun is out but soon cools down.

I have an appointment to see the consultant about my ear tomorrow so did half the Friday clean this morning, sitting room and hall cleaned, will do the kitchen and passageway on Saturday.

We were expecting the bat people last night but they did not materialise, maybe because they got all they needed last week. We too spotted bats flying out as it was getting dusk last night, they were coming from the roof above the upstairs flat. So bats still living here has been established. What now???

Sewing machine on EBay now has 16 finishes Saturday evening.

Supper tonight spag bol, possibly strawberries and ice cream for dessert.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Sun has Got His Hat On....................

Another lovely sunny day.

DB took the car this morning and got two new tyres, its due for its MOT next month and I knew we needed new tyres, so off it went.

Spent most of the day in the garden reading, have managed to do some sewing, some more pot holders/ casserole mats coming up., one very pretty peachy one.

Garden watered, quite a lot of the plants are flowering.


pink rose with the purple fox glove behind.

Two of the roses are different shades of pink.

Hostas just starting to flower.

These are the hostas I planted last year.

Looks like there are going to be quite a few lilies.

Geranium in the scree garden, its actually a very pale pink.


Not sure what this is think it might be a saxifrage

These pansies are so pretty, white with a purple edge and sweet markings in the middle.

Supper tonight, the last of the rubber chicken, chopped up with finely chopped onion, apricots parsley and some garlic mayo, I have some tiny new potatos and have done a salad. Strawberries and ice cream for dessert.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What happened to the sun???

The slabs outside were wet when we got up, but the rain appeared to have been very patchy to say the least.

We were on the 10am bus into town to go to the library and the market, the library is closed Monday and Tuesday next week, so we both needed to be sure we had enough book. I have 7, one of which is a really thick one, so should take me a few days to read.

Home for lunch lentil soup with fresh bread, I had a pear DB had yogurt. He has requested stovies for supper, so a fat laden meal with the last of the crumble for dessert.

After lunch DB potted on 2 courgette and a cucumber plant into bigger pots and brought in the chairs as the sky went very dark, more rain on the way I guess. 

Last night our neighbour drew our attention to what she thought were wasps going into a hole in one of the flower beds. I have had a look this morning and I think they are hornets, as far as I know wasps do not nest underground. I looked on the web and the advice seems to be to use slightly dilute washing up liquid sprayed into the hole at dusk, when all the insects are in the nest. There was little activity this morning but when I looked at lunchtime there were several flying round and then going into the hole. We need to get rid of them I am allergic to any form of sting and also insect bites and I would hate to see the children get stung. Apparently K has a wasps nest and also wild bees in his bedroom chimney. He spoke to the land lady but she has said he has to pay for their removal himself. She will only do anything if they actually get into the flat.  The mood in the house is getting rather bolshie to say the least. We are undecided what to do. If we stick it out to the bitter end all the other apartments will be empty and we will be heating into cold space. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that we find something suitable before the really bad weather comes.

I made chocolate chip muffins, we have eaten all the cake......

Monday, 19 May 2014

Another lovely sunny day, but there is a breeze which is keeping it cooler.

Monday clean done, sat in the garden to have our morning tea. DB went almost a month without a dizzy now he is having one almost every other day......drives us nutty. We will have to see what the monitor says when he takes it back at the end of the month. He had a letter from the cardiac consultant this morning he has to go and see him next month so we should get the results of all raft of tests he has had then.

I did manage to do some sewing this morning, a pot holder made, just have to sew the binding down. I am using the machine I bought for workshops, its like using a sherman tank against the rolls royce of my other machine, clunks and bangs, but at least I am getting to grips with the speed using the foot control. 

Supper tonight chicken and salad, more of the crumble for dessert.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunny Sunday

Its been another really lovely sunny day. We had a a lie in this morning, once breakfast was out of the way I prepped the supper.

We spent most of the time sitting out in the sun reading, so nice to have a relaxing day.

DD2 and DGD came this afternoon bringing DB's absolute favourite cake with them, an apricot swiss roll from M & S so cut into 4 slices it went down very well with a cupof tea.

Supper roast chicken, cauliflower, calebrese, roast potato's gravy followed by apple and blackberry crumble.

The sun is slowly sinking and the heat is going with it, as it did last night, the forecast says it will be good tomorrow but we are forecast rain on Tuesday so a quick scout round for enough laundry to make a load for tonight, should get it dry tomorrow.

We have enjoyed a relaxing day.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Phew....its very warm.

Lovely sunny day, and very warm sat outside the french doors. DB went into town this morning on the bus, came home with a dizzy so in bed for an hour or so.

Lunch outside.

                                   Remember this?

                                     Now it looks like this!!

Borders done binding sewn down and destined for my sales box. Its not a quilt but a table centre, it looks elongated, thats the angle I had to take it at. Its approx 25 inches square.

Supper tonight liver and bacon, veg etc. Banana and ice cream for dessert.

Friday, 16 May 2014

sunshine again

Firstly I want to set something straight. Last night I again had a comment from anonymous. They accused me of being a blabber mouth because R the gardener did not know about the plans for the house. Why should he? he is the gardener not a tenant. Apart from which you owe me an apology it was DB who spoke to R not me. I was getting lunch. I have asked before that you stop stalking my blog and clear off......if you do not stop sending me vile, sarcastic comments I will  be forced to close this blog down, which would be a pity when so many nice happy people like to read. As it is I do not give you the pleasure you doubtless enjoy seeing your comments, I send them to the trash can which is where they belong!!

Laundry washed overnight is on the line, the sun is quite warm. Last night we slept with the bedroom window slightly open and this morning no running wet windows.......

The garden is beginning to bloom, the fox gloves and iris are showing colour, the pansies we took out of the containers near the front door are still flowering their heads off, the clematis climbing up the bean sticks and the one by the french windows has big fat buds on so it will not be long before they are out too.

Side bed under the sitting room window.

Everything is looking very lush

The large herbaceous beds see the climbing beans on the far right corner.

The other end of the large bed.

Fat buds on a clematis, its a pale lilac one, will soon be in flower if the sunny weather continues.

We have to go this afternoon to get DB's 'spider' fitted and also a top up shop at Aldi, yesterday shop at Tesco only cost me £2.96, I used a £10 voucher.

Friday clean done, so everywhere is sparkly for the weekend. DB is not bowling tomorrow so we may have a little jaunt out.

Fish and chips tonight, I got bananas on the market so banana for dessert.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Has summer come???

Another lovely sunny day. Washer load of whites including DB's bowls trousers in the machine, out on the whirly and dried by mid afternoon. A visit to see the hypertension nurse this morning, what high blood pressure? it was fine.......

DB spent the afternoon weeding in the garden. R the chap who cuts the lawns was there when we got back from the surgery, he did not know about the house, LL had not told him of their plans......

I decided to nip off to Tesco and get the few bits I cannot get from Aldi, will be going to Aldi tomorrow when DB goes to get his spider fitted. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the garden reading and drinking tea. A slice of lemon drizzle cake went down very well too.

Sausage and mash for supper, the last of the strawberries I got from the market for dessert.

I put my big embroidery machine on flea bay last night..... 5 watchers but that means nothing. If it does not sell it can be re-advertised 3 more times. Just hoping it does sell.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Am I seeing things - its the sun

Sun streaming in when we got up this morning. Towels out on the line, bed linen ironed and put away, some sewing done. Gosh I have been busy. Also made a loaf and some leek and lentil soup for lunch.

DB went for his blood test this morning, its fine so 8 weeks before he goes back again, its taken well over a year to balance the waferin. He is out in the garden planting up the  wooden plant containers with geraniums and lobelia.

My shoulders are sore after all my efforts this morning, so just having a bit of a chill, then need to sort the supper. Calebrese and cauliflower gratin, baked potato's and tomato's. I bought some strawberries yesterday so we will have them with ice cream for dessert tonight, there should be enough for tomorrow too.

We have another visit to the Drs tomorrow to get the results of the blood test DB had taken last week and Friday we have to travel into Glenfield for him to get a 'spider' what ever that is fitted. He cannot have a shower for 2 weeks!!!!! so its going to have to be strip washes. The spider is one of the tests his consultant asked for before he sees him again next month.

Cotton reel saw my over sunglasses yesterday, they fit over my ordinary glasses and have a shield down the side to prevent the sun coming in from the side. She tried mine on and really liked them so I rang our old optician and they are sending me a pair for her. Very obliging.

Towels have dried so been folded and put away, I have another load of washing to do tonight on E7 ready to put out in the morning.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I thought it was May

The weather seems to think its still April!!

Into town this morning, library and then pick up fruit from the market and back to the house for a quick sandwich and then off to see my quilting guru.

It poured with rain on the way down the A46, then we had bright sunshine, followed by more rain and when I got back home the roads were running with water.

My trip to cotton reels was great I took her some plants for her garden 2 hostas and a climbing Jasmin called clotted cream. Cups of tea and chocolate cake were the order of the day along with all the gossip, its a few weeks since last saw her.

Bluebell popped in for a few minutes, she is off to Portugal at the weekend on holiday.

DB had been working in the garden whilst I had been out, we are just keeping it weed free for the time being, I am not planting up  anything else. The wooden planters that DS2 made for me have scarlet geraniums planted up; the daffodil bulbs have been taken out and put on wire racking to die off and the bulbs to dry ready for planting in the autumn.

I managed to get the sheets dry before I went out so ironing tomorrow. I plan to spend the afternoon sorting out the feet etc for my Janome machine and photographing it ready to put on flea bay. I am sad that it has to go, but needs must.

Supper scotch pies, mash, cauliflower and calebrese with onion gravy. Dessert lemon drizzle cake with ice cream.

Monday, 12 May 2014


Thank you so much to those of you who have sent comments regarding our situation with the property we moved into in March and the various suggestions for help.

We signed a 6 month binding lease which, if we break it, will cost us 3 months rent and our deposit, a total of £2,300 which we just cannot afford to loose. The contract is legally binding for the 6 months, no get out unless the land lady releases us which she has said she will not. The whole thing rests on so many ifs and buts. If the council give planning permission for the house to be demolished, if they can get a developer interested enough to buy the site, and, if bats are no longer roosting in the roof space. No one can do anything, we are all in a state of limbo.

If we apply to the local council we will only be given a one bedroom  flat and there is not enough room to swing a cat let alone for 2 people. If we turn down 3 properties they may offer we go back to the bottom of the list regardless.

 We need a spare bedroom, I suffer from insomnia and in order not to disturb DB by having the light on, I decamp to the spare room. He is also a restless sleeper and once he starts waving his arms about and 'running' he wakes me and again I decamp to the spare room. Councils do not recognise this, according to them a couple only need one bedroom and thats it. We have tried the housing associations in the past and had no luck.

This is why we have always rented privately.

As far as the caravan is concerned putting it on storage is an expensive business and we just cannot afford that either. £30 a month may be cheap to some people, to us it is more than a weeks food, so where ever we go we have to have permission to site the van or it has to go and holidays will be very restricted. Its all  very well saying well you can rent this or that but price is a big consideration Even a holiday van on a site can be well over £100 just for 3 or 4 days.

I am still trying to dry the washing from yesterday, its still very wet despite being left in the lounge with the residual heat from the fire. It has been so cold this last few days we have had to have the gas fire on. I dare not put the central heating back on even though we have turned some of the rads off.

The weather does not know what to do one minute its sunny the next pouring with rain, no point in doing the bed linen, so I have put it in the washer to do on E7 tonight.

Land lady will be here this afternoon I will try and get her to read the  electricity meter. It has not been read since we came back from holiday.

Supper tonight is egg and chips, there is a banana left which we will have for dessert.


Land lady and surveyor have been. Reasonable meeting with LL she does understand how we feel, but cannot see anything happening for at least 12 months if everything goes through and they find someone to build or she and her children develop the site themselves. Well thats OK but we will not be here in 12 months time, sorry....... the bat people will be here tonight and again when it starts to get light in the morning to see if there are bats in the attics, if no bats are seen then they can go for planning permission to demolish the building.

We will start looking for somewhere else in the middle of August, we will  not move until we find somewhere that is exactly what we are looking for, so she could be stuck with us for a while.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

So Thats Sunday

Another late morning, after 9am when we woke up.

1pm saw us meeting DD2, DGD and DGD's boyfriend at  local hotel for a carvery lunch. Really good value at £6.99 for a main course and £9.50 for two courses. There were 5 meats on offer pork, beef gammon, lamb and turkey, yorkies etc a real plateful. DB had a bit of each meat, I had lamb, turkey and beef, it was delicious. We did not have a dessert but DD, DGD and boyfriend did, banoffee pie. We returned to DD2's for a cup of tea. DD had worked last night so was showing signs of weariness, so we left to come home and rescue the whirly full of laundry I had hung out, it was wetter than it was when it went out. It is now on the airer in the hall have had a couple of fast spins to get rid of the worst of the water.

DD2 spoke about my uncle who passed away recently, it was he who christened me blondie blue eyes as a toddler. After my step father died my mother started to have the family for lunch and supper the Sunday before Christmas, it became a tradition in the family which I also carried on. Santa Claus always used to pay us a visit. One year UF was Santa, my youngest son then about 5 went up to get his present, regarded Santa for a few moments and then said.....'Thats not Santa its UF I can see the corners of his moustache.......sure enough UF's ginger moustache was poking through the Santa beard.......the room dissolved in gales of laughter, loudest of all was UF!!!

It has done nothing but rain since we came home, its so dark I have had to put the light on in the sitting room.

Our tea is prepared, gammon sandwiches, chocolate and black cherry cheese cake DD sent home with us, DB can get his when he wants it. I will make a pot of tea to go with it.

We have a bit of a busy week coming up, DB has 2 appointments at the Dr's, tuesday I need to go to the market and in the afternoon I am going to see my friend Cotton Reel. She has had some computer problems so has not been posting.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nothing to post about yesterday was feeling down, so decided to keep myself to myself for a change. My cousin phoned to let me know that my Mothers brother had passed away he was 97. They are having to wait 4 weeks for the funeral!!

We did not set the alarm this morning so it was after 9am before we got going. Bread made, ice cream made and in the freezer, a lemon drizzle cake sitting cooling.

DB has gone off to play bowls and I have spent half an hour scribbling with needle and thread on the table centre I made the other week. I have backed it with muslin, I am not buying any more fabric, in fact I am thinking of selling some of it, I have such a lot. I need to decide whether to sell it as yardage or fat quarters. I may well open my etsy shop to sell some of it.  Half an hour concentrating on scribble on purple fabric is enough for today thank you. I will post a piccy when its finished.

Looking through my left over stuff from the craft fairs I need to do some more casserole mats and pot holders, they are fairly cheap to make, except for the heat proof wadding which is expensive, and seem to sell quite well for presents. I have a few other ideas as well, may do some mug rugs too.

No supper tonight DB will get his tea at the club so I will sort out something for myself. No supper tomorrow either we are out for lunch so just will have sandwiches and cake for a late afternoon tea.

My youngest daughter is 46 today!!!!! and my eldest grand daughter 30 next goodness the years have flown by.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

We went to B&Q yesterday afternoon. When we got got back there was a letter, hand delivered on the mat, the basis of which was that the landlords are putting in a planning application to demolish the house and sell the land for housing development. The application will go in later this month.

As you can imagine we were shattered, having only been in the place just 2 months we are now told the house could be demolished. There is nothing we can do, we have no grounds for objection, so in 3 months we will be house hunting again.

We have cared for this place and spent money on the garden, no more and I will not make the same mistake again, we will only keep the garden tidy, the rest of our plants will be in containers and we will have to find somewhere we can container garden. We also need to ensure we can park the caravan, otherwise it will have to be sold. Holidays in the future are in doubt if this happens.

Just now I am feeling very depressed......I did not sleep last night and its pouring with rain which does not help.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Posting may be sporadic

We have received some rather upsetting news this aternoon, I may not be posting as frequently as I have in the past.

Please bear with me for the time being.


Another bright morning but with the promise of showers. A breeze moving the trees. I have all the windows that will open - open.

DB helped me this morning to pin up the curtains from the french window, they just meet the floor now which is fine as I can push the bottom against the frame in the winter and it will keep the draught out. We are still having problems closing the doors, so guess it not the wet from the winter, we have to close them from the outside with a hefty shove.

DB is sorting out canes for his runner beans he got yesterday, there were 10 in the strip so a large wigwam of 6 and a slightly smaller one for 4 have gone in spaces in the garden. I have the two containers by the front door to empty, the pansies and primulas will fill up some gaps in the borders and I can get the geraniums in. I need to get the petunias for the hanging baskets and we also need more compost.

We have been catching up on TV programmes we recorded whilst we were away, have just one episode of The Crimson Field left and we are up to date, also have the allotment series to watch. TV is dire so we tend to record programmes to watch when there is nothing decent on, otherwise we read in the evenings. I got 5 books from the library yesterday and 2 more for DB.

Supper tonight will be chicken and pilau rice, raspberry cheese cake for dessert.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Another lovely sunny day

DB retired to bed yesterday afternoon with a dizzy the first one for 28 days!! We have just got back from the market and he is back in bed again, looks like the pattern might be changing will have to see what happens tomorrow.

DH went for his blood test. I went to the library and got some new books, walked down through the market, a stall was selling runner bean plants  £1 a strip, DB bought some. I got strawberries, raspberries and some nectarines for the fruit bowl, some birthday cards, the TV mag and stamps, we had a couple of letters to post.

We had blue sky when we got up but very little sun, it keeps coming and going, but its reasonably warm outside. We had rain overnight and I think there is more due later today.

Macaroni cheese for supper with tonato and celery salad amd may be a baked potato. Think we might have raspberries and stawberries for dessert, or I might just make a raspberry cheese cake....hhhmmm...........

The cheesecake won, delicious...........

Monday, 5 May 2014


It may be a bank holiday but for us its just Monday. DB switched the alarm off and promptly went off to sleep again so it was rather later than we intended to get up.

Monday clean done whilst DB did a little more at the garden, the last piece under the sitting room window is quite difficult, lots of couch grass and sticky willow coming up not to mention a sycamore seedling.

We had morning tea and lunch outside, its been a bright morning, but seems to be clouding over, rain is forecast from the west later.

Supper tonight chicken from yesterday with salad and some new potato's. banana for dessert, DB asked for baked banana.

A couple of days ago I received a comment from anonymous, who did not care to identify themselves, they did not like the comment I made about the firemen in the pictures of Souter Johnnies Cottage, well tough, if you do not like what you read then buzz off and read someone else's blog. This is the second comment I have had from this person recently, needless to say they have been deleted and any further anonymous comments will also go in the trash!!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sunny Sunday

Lovely bright sunshine this morning and very little breeze. DB went out to the garden and I concentrated on getting supper prepared.

We had our morning tea in the garden. We were just eating our lunch when the bell went and DGD arrived, DD had gone home to put shopping away and was then coming on to us. I made DGD a sandwich, DD when she arrived did not want anything to eat but had a drink. It was very pleasant sitting in the garden talking. Our upstairs neighbour K came round to have a word with DB, apparently our noisy upstairs neighbours are moving  in September so the offer they made on the house must have been accepted.

We sat out for afternoon tea but just after 3pm the sun went in so we decided to call it a day and come into the house. DD and DGD departed to walk home, washing up was done and the chicken prepared to go on for supper.

DB watching snooker. I spent some time this morning taking down the hem on the curtains at the french doors, I need the table out to turn the hems up and pin them so I can sew them back up again.

We had the fire on for a while last night and it was obvious when the curtains were drawn the temperature went up quite a bit. So it looksgood for the winter.

Supper roast chicken, roast potato's cauli calebrese and carrot. Banana and cream for DB yogurt with mine.

It has been a lovely day, hope to have more of the same tomorrow.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Broughton House

On our second day at the Solway View site we went into Kirkcudbright to see Broughton House. We had visited the house in 1996 before it was transferred to the National Trust.

 Right in the heart of Kirkcudbright, a pretty artists’ colony on the Solway Firth, this 18th-century Georgian house is the former home of Scottish painter E A Hornel, one of the Glasgow Boys. Painstakingly preserved and recreated, it’s a living museum of Hornel’s life and work, packed to the rafters with his paintings and those of his contemporaries, as well as his vast library, which includes one of the world’s biggest collections of works by Robert Burns.

Nestled behind the house, backing on to the River Dee, is Hornel’s beautiful garden. Greatly influenced by his love of Japan, it’s a curious and colourful mixture of Eastern and Western horticulture and sculpture that is a delight to explore.

Internally the house had not changed that much except that the cellars under the house have now been opened up so they can be viewed.

It was in the garden that the biggest changes were to be seen. When we first went the feeling was much more of an oriental feel and there was a picturesque Japanese bridge over the pond. That is no longer there, apparently it was not a part of the garden in Hornel's day so it was removed. The stepping stones are still there though for anyone who is brave enough to walk over them.
 Looking down the garden towards the summer house, the old house we saw years ago, which was on a turntable so it could be turned to face the sun, has been replaced by a static one.

A brilliant white azalea.

Pots of tulips outside the doors into the downstairs exhibition space.

Solomans seal, I am searching for a root of this. I love its arching shape with the delicate bells dropping underneath.

The new greenhouse, this replaced one which was badly damaged in a storm, filled with lots of lovely plants and flowers to be planted out in due season.

The view across the mouth of the Dee from the wall at the bottom of the garden. There is a seat here which we sat on for a while just watching the activity, or lack of it.

                     Pretty little double geranium in the green house.

There were several of these mauve orchids in pots, not an easy plant to grow, and not destined for the garden, but as an arrangement of pots in the house.

Originally all the beds were surrounded by box, which they had to remove because of blight, they have replaced them with this slow growing golden yew.

                             A very pleasant place to sit

Another magnificent magnolia. It seems to have been a good year for them.

A mixed bed of double tulips, not my favourite bulb, but these were certainly unusual.

The Japanese influence, a cherry tree in full bloom.

The pond where the Japanese bridge used to stand

Ailsa Craig just appearing out of the sea mist.

Thats all folks, I did not take any more photos.

Its was a sunny morning when we woke up, a vast change from yesterday when I had to put the gas fire on it was so cold.

Friday clean done this morning as we were out yesterday. DB is bowling this afternoon, no  idea what I am going to do, amybe the sewing room will get treated to a visit from me!!

No supper to get tonight DB will have his tea at the bowls club so I will find something to eat myself. Need to do some baking either today or tomorrow, not a cake or scone to be seen.

Made a chocolate sponge cake and a ring of scone. Decided to use the main oven in the house, not impressed, cooked the sponges on the same shelf and the sides are rather overcooked, will see how the scones come out.

DB gone off to bowls, I am going to sit in the garden and read for a while.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Souter Johnnies Cottage

See Scottish literature come to life in this 18th-century thatched cottage in the heart of Kirkoswald, Ayr. The former home of cobbler – or souter – John Davidson, the real-life Souter Johnnie immortalised in the Robert Burns poem Tam o’ Shanter, it features a thatched tavern in the garden, complete with life-sized sandstone statues of the poem’s main characters.

The house also offers a taste of how the Davidson family would have lived and worked – inside the cottage there is a reconstructed shoemaking workshop crammed with Souter Johnnie’s original tools, as well as living quarters with period furniture. There’s also a small collection of Robert Burns memorabilia.

Souter Johnnie and his wife are Buried in the Churchyard in Kirkoswald as are Robert Burns Great Grandparents. Burns was also a scholar under tuition from the local school master. There is quite a lot of information on the web about the churchyard and the ruined Church

Souter Johnnies Cottage.

The cottage was closed when we first got there, once it opened we were aware there was an alarm going off. It turned out to be the fire alarm. The custodian opened the stone shed in the yard which was the original ale house and contains life size stone figures of the people who appear in Burns poem Tam O'shanter

The local fire brigade turned out to make sure that there was no fire in the cottage before we were allowed in. OOOhhhhh hunky firemen.

and their fire engine parked outside the cottage

This was an addition to the original cottage and contains the instruments used by a shoe maker to ply his craft.

It was evident the difference in furnishings that this was a family who were better off than the Burns family.

This room was much larger than the rooms in Burns cottage, mostly used to display material etc about the property.

The main living room of the house, would have been where the family lived, two box beds possibly would have had truckles underneath. There was also a staircase into the attic which had two fireplaces one at each end, the children would have slept up there. The quilts on the beds were modern, as is the 'clippy' mat on the floor

Pictures on the wall illustrating the story of Tam O'Shanter.

Plaque in the church yard

The ruined church and churchyard

Whilst we were waiting for the cottage to open we nipped down to Maidens, there used to be several ship builders plied their trade, all evidence is long gone.