Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wot happened to the rain?

It was supposed to rain today, when we got up the windows were dry, so the out side temperature must have gone up a bit and the ground was drying up. A couple of loads of washing on the line.

DB had another very nasty attack last night, thats 3 in 3 days, a bit concerned about our holiday, will see how this week goes.

Cleaned all the windows I could reach inside and out and washed the window reveals. Did a bit of rearrangement on the kitchen window cill. My weighing scales and weights are now in the cupboard in the wall. I use a set of digital scales but like to keep the weight scales' just in case'

DD2 and DGD came after lunch for an hour, so tea and cake. I fetched the washing in, the sky was looking a bit grey, its now finishing off on the airer in the hall. DD2 went home to take her laundry in too. I doubt we will need the heat on tonight, it seems to have warmed up a bit.

Supper tonight, roast chicken and all the trimmings, lemon sponge pudding for dessert, should do us for a couple of nights supper desserts.


  1. Anne, sorry DH has not been well. I know holidays can be anxious if someone is not up to par

  2. Sorry to hear DB has had 3 attacks in 3 days. Perhaps he is over-doing the gardening. Hope he feels better soon then you can carry on making plans for your caravan holiday to The Lakes and Scotland.
    Been a strange day here today. Sunny one moment then raining another. I agree, it does seem to have warmed up a bit - at last!!!

    Take care,

  3. I'm also sorry to hear of these recurrent and too close together dds that DB has experienced in the last few days. I certainly hope your holiday plans won't be affected at all.

    How nice to have had family visit today and I know all are happy for you and DB about your new home.

    Dinner sounds yummy!


  4. I can tell you what happened to the rain - we had it!!!! No washing dried here! Sorry to hear DB is poorly again, how worrying for you. He's not getting het-up about the holiday is he? Had a very pleasant weekend at a quilting retreat!! Made a very miniscule dent in the fabric mountain!!!!

  5. Yep, we had rain too in Dorset - last night (heavy much of the night) and on and off showers all day today. I did wonder if we were getting someone else's share too?? I hope DB improves soon, especially with your trip away so close. X


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