Monday, 7 April 2014

Wot happened to the rain? It arrived today

Very dull, overcast and raining!!

Bed stripped and in the washer hoping the rain will clear and I can get the sheets etc on the line for a blow.

Thankfully DB was ok yesterday, fingers crossed for today.

I hate technology, I use MS money to keep tabs on my spending, went in this morning and entered up, did not tally with the bank, so closed it down. Printed off my statement to reconcile where I had gone wrong, opened up money it the whole of this months entries had disappeared, no where could I find them, so had to get DB to read out payments etc so I could set the wretched thing up again. Still waiting for the payment from Sky over a week now since they said they had actioned it........ggrrrrrr............

Monday clean done. We have to go out this afternoon and collect a table. I have spent my next months pocket money on a small lamp table from Guntree, we needed a lamp in the hall rather than keep putting the big light on, this table will do fine.

Not a very good picture, will take a better one when I get the table home.

Table collected, was greeted at the door by 2 little girls, the youngest of which had lovely curly hair and insisted on showing me 'the itchy rash on my tummy' I hope to heaven its not chicken pox or something equally as horrid.

Chicken casserole using the legs of yesterday chicken, with mash carrots and peas. Enough of the lemon sponge for tonight and tomorrow.

                              Top of the table I picked up.
Sitting in the corner ready to be switched on.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your table in its new home.

    Oh dear hope you've not been in contact with something contagious from the little girl, haven't you had chicken pox already?

  2. It's raining cats and dogs here, too, and may continue until 6a tomorrow morning. Glub, glub! Hope you have some sunshine to dry your laundry.

    Fingers crossed here for DB's wellbeing.

    Love the wee table in the wee photo. When the picture is clicked on, it doesn't enlarge, so I'll wait for the photo you plan to take after it's home. Do you have a lamp available for this new table or will you need one?

    I join in the hope that you've not been exposed to anything contagious, especially with your trip northward coming up soon. As Betty asked, have you had chicken pox? It has a 14-21 day incubation period ... Stay well!


  3. What a pretty looking table. Can picture a pink flowery lamp shade to compliment the painted table top.
    If you havn't had chicken pox, and if that is what the little girl has, then do be careful of shingles.

    Take care, Halaulani

  4. Cute little table and just right to shed the needed light in the hallway!! Great find and am so glad it suits the spot where you needed it to.


  5. what a lovely table. Will you put a timer on the lamp? My MIL has one in her hall which goes on at dusk and off at midnight, because the hall light switch is at the end of a very long hallway. At least with that they can see where they are going,

  6. Love the table and the place you put it looks like it was just crying out for a little table and lamp!


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