Saturday, 19 April 2014

We have made it to Culzean.....

We went to the pub for our breakfast this morning, I ordered a bacon and a sausage roll and we swapped so we had a bacon and sausage roll each. The sausage was  Cumberland, delicious.

We met C & C in the pub last night for a couple of drinks, it was so nice to catch up with them and hear their news, they are at the site as assistant managers, should be there until September unless they get their contracts extended, then they will finish when the site closes in January.

We were hitched and ready to go just after 9.30am a bit of a stressful journey in some ways. Quite a lot of fast moving traffic and motor bikes. Our sat nav sent us over Shap on the old A6 fabulous views but no where to stop for photos. We travelled through different scenery, forest and fells gave way to waste heaps from the coal mines at Cummock,, they were starting to  grow grass, so looked like hills, but trying to walk up them is not to be recommended, they are very unstable and can in fact burst into flames at any time.

Once we crossed the border we were travelling along mostly single carriage roads, lots of bends and also rather spectacular, rock and trees above us falling down to a stream at the bottom of a ravine, again no where to stop and get pictures.

We arrived here at the site just after 2.30. The caravan is set up, we have had tea and cake and I also have intermittent reception on the mi fi - hence this post.

It has been a very sunny and warm day, a breeze has sprung up just now which is cooling things down a bit.

Planed for tomorrow -  a visit to Culzean Castle so hopefully some pictures tomorrow.


  1. What a boost for your spirit to see such beautiful vistas and feel the breezes! The view around here is same-old-same-old but the new leaves and flowering trees add beauty here, too.

    I'm glad to hear you and DB had such a nice visit with your friends and are safely parked at the camp site in Culzean. How exciting to get to see a castle!

    Do you and DB ever enlarge, mat, and frame any of the photographs you take on your holiday trips?

    Have fun!


  2. Anne, when you get a chance could you give me the contact info for that fabric store where you took me if it is still open. There is a new quilter in Melton Mowbray that I would like to give the info to. She posted on Bonnie Hunter's facebook page for quilting. Sounds like you are having a lovely time.
    We leave Monday.

  3. Ana can you send me the link to Bonnie Hunters page, I will get in touch with her . Melton Mowbray is where we are.


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