Saturday, 12 April 2014


Its the opening of the green day for DB's bowls and its grey and cold.......

We had the final bill from N power this morning for the gas, £95 for a months gas..... their daily charge is 24p. I am glad we have changed over, at least I can keep an eye on the spending on the gas each week, and the leccy once a month.

DB will be off after lunch for his first lot of bowls, they are not sure if they will play, but he will be home for supper, so lever and sausage. Banana for dessert.

We are trying to get ready to go away as well, medication sorted and put in a container. some of the dry goods are also in a crate, Monday after I have finished cleaning I will go through the list and start putting more stuff in.

Kitchen cleaned this morning, also discovered that the flange on the loo is leaking water from the cistern every time we flush, I found a pool of water on the floor this morning and when I pressed the flush there was water escaping. I have put a bowl under it for now. Did wonder whether it was condensation but its  deffo not that.

No idea what I am going to do whilst DB is out, will prep the supper, maybe apply myself to the sewing room, I want to make some strippy pot holders out of the stuff in the bits and strips box. I also fancy doing some zippered bags if I  can find some cheap zips, will have to have a look on the market on Tuesday.

Off to get some lunch DB wants to leave about 1.15, will ring me when he is leaving the club so I can put the supper on.


  1. What a shame to have dismal weather on the first day of bowls. I suppose the men will enjoy seeing each other whatever the weather.

    Hope you enjoyed the time to yourself this arvo and had or are having a pleasant time doing whatever you chose to do.

    Just imagine where you two will be in a week's time!


  2. £95 for a months gas? Oh my goodness, do you live in a huge house and have the heat on all the time in every room?


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