Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Two days to go and counting!!

Another bright morning, coolish but not the wind we had yesterday, I have a feeling the clothes on the whirly will be finishing off on the airer.

We moved the caravan, the blasted mover packed up again half way through, I had to ask K to give us a push to get it back. I think we need to make sure the battery is well charged before we use the mover. If it happens again when we are on holiday I will be complaining.

DB washed over the car and cleaned the windows of the caravan, so Thursday morning it will be hitch up and go!!

Quite a bit accomplished this morning, gammon joint cooked, now in the fridge will slice it tomorrow when it has had time to relax a bit. Made lentil soup with the cooking liquor for lunch. I also put the new battery in the caravan clock, I had to use a pair of tweasers to set the time, the little wheel that you are supped to use was not there just the stem, it took me quite a while.

DB decided to clean the car, we are going this afternoon to check the tyres, Morrisons for a couple of things I want and then to DD2's to leave the keys so she can walk up and check the house whilst we are away. She signed for her house today........

Tomorrow we will load the caravan with everything except the fresh food. I need to bake a lemon drizzle cake and a ring of scones to take with us. I also have to set up the card for the IPad so I can keep in touch whist we are away. I will probably do a separate page with photos of our trip the same as I did when we were away last year.

No sure whats for supper, should be macaroni cheese.....might end up being something else.


Supper tonight will be gammon and salad. When we got back from DD2's I used the slicer to cut the piece of gammon. 6 packs of 4 thin slices, plus 4 slices for supper with salad and a jacket spud. 1 pack of 4 thicker slices. all for £4.99. We are taking the thicker slices and two of the thinner ones with us on holiday. The thick slices I will reheat in the top of the steamer and serve it with potato wedges, veg and mustard sauce. The other two packs will go either into sandwiches or for a gammon and salad supper one evening. A jolly good buy from Aldi. Morrisons were selling their wholemeal bread flour off at 99p a bag, so one found its way into my basket.


  1. Well done for all you have done this morning. You don't have much luck with your caravan mover. Hope it works better when you are away.
    Beautiful day here today, perfect for a holiday in the Lake District area. Do enjoy yourselves.
    Sounds like it is 'tradition' for your family to move house frequently. Hope your daughter loves her new home as much as you are loving yours


  2. Applause for all of the next-to-last-minute things you and DB accomplished today! Hope you're both sitting with your feet up, sipping something delicious, and enjoying a good book. You deserve it!

    Cheers for your daughter's new home! How exciting to decorate new rooms and enjoy new spaces. I hope she and all are very happy there.

    Hope you both sleep well for these last two nights at home and every night while you're away.


  3. Looking forward to seeing and hearing all about your holiday. Hope the weather stays fine for you.

    Please can I ask - who is K?
    also who is R (I think) who passed you at the bus stop yesterday. Sorry if you've already told us who they are..

  4. Gwen - K and R are our neighbours here. I do not put names on my blog just initials. I do no want to invade any ones privacy.


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