Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tomorrow we are off on our holidays

Busy morning, tonight pork and bean casserole cooked, lemon drizzle cake made and everything that can be packed in the caravan is in. Its just the last minute stuff to go in tomorrow morning, have put two freezer blocks in the freezer to freeze up, quite a bit of the stuff to go in the box is already frozen so it should all be ok until we get to the site tomorrow afternoon and I can re-freeze up the freezer compartment in the caravan fridge.

Its another lovely sunny day very little wind, so quite warm in a sheltered spot, will be going out to sit for a while with my book in a mo, relax for a little while and drink tea.

I heard from one of my friends this morning, she has been in hospital for 8 weeks, they found 2 growths in her intestines, so she has had to have a piece removed and then got septicaemia, apparently she was so ill they kept her in a coma for 8 days. Horrendous.........she is a really lovely lady, she just does not deserve this.

Tidied the sewing room so it looks presentable, also ran the hoover over the carpets to pick up any bits. just the sitting room to tidy when we go to bed tonight. Early start for us....7.30am I want to wash the sheets before we go and leave them on the airer in the hall. I am also going to put the de-humidifier on the timer to keep the condensation down whilst we are away, especially if we have some cold nights.


  1. Wishing you a lovely, peaceful and relaxing holiday. Fingers crossed the sun continues to shine.Take care, Louise xx

  2. Hope you have a lovely holiday and I am looking forward to hearing all about it when you have time xxx

  3. Wishing your friend who is ill a speedy recovery and good health thereafter.

    Ah, lemon drizzle cake sounds like the perfect treat to add to your holiday menus! YUM!

    I know what you mean about enjoying coming home to a clean and tidy home with fresh sheets ready for your bed. Is some kind of quick and easy dinner in your freezer for your return home?

    Happy trails to you!


  4. Best wishes for a lovely holiday.
    We will look forward to hearing all about it and seeing some pics.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  5. Have a wonderful adventure and stay safe. Hope the sun shines daily and the rains (you know you'll have some!) stay gentle and warm.

    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. So sad that your friend became even more ill whilst in the hospital - they say they are some of the most dangerous places to be stuck in!!!! Wishing her a good recovery, and soon.

  6. Oh - you bought a dehumidifier, did you post about it, I didn't see that. I know you were having such problems with condensation. Have you found it works well?


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