Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Sun is Back

Lovely sunny morning, we were a bit late getting up, after breakfast DB went out into the garden.

Plum crumble cooked, veggies done for tonights supper. 

The clematis we put in have put on a growth spurt, several of them have had to be tied in to the canes and one has flowers on. The Azalea is almost in full flower, hope the rest of the flowers come out before we go away.

Neighbours downstairs have set up an easter egg hunt in the garden, so several excited children running around looking for easter eggs.

We have the french doors open its very pleasant listening to the birds.

In answer to a comment yesterday, we live in a 2 bedroomed flat but the rooms are big and its an old house 1910 ex hunting lodge so no double glazing etc. We were prepared for higher bills, but that one came as a bit of a whammy. Especially as I read the meter last week and we had only used about £20 over 10 days. Anyway it does not matter we are not with Npower any more anyway.

Busy week ahead several things to do before we go away.

The Aconites in the scree bed.


  1. How nice to be able to enjoy pretty weather with the doors open for the breeze. Do you get glimpses of the flowers in the borders or the pots from inside the house?

    I will say again that I can imagine the joy of larger spaces in your home and no flight of steps to traverse at all.

    Today the high is expected to be nearly 90*F but we have a day ahead when the high is forecast to be only 48*F. Crazy weather.

    I must get the taxes together Nothing like waiting until the last minute.


  2. Lovely to be getting away for a nice break. Hope the sun shines for you.


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