Saturday, 26 April 2014

That was the night that was.

The rain did not give up until the early hours, it sounded as though someone was playing the drums on the roof.

It was dry when we got up, as we were having our breakfast it started to rain again, so the van was packed in the rain.

We made good time down the A75 and M6 and arrived on the Camping and Caravan Club site just at lunch time. We were greeted by the Manager with 'you are becoming regulars'. Chris sited us just opposite the toilet block, in a bay of 4 vans, handy for the showers and dish washing!!

It is fine, the sun keeps popping in and out and occasionally, there are deck clouds scudding by, as long as they drop the rain on someone else I will be happy. The site is quiet after Easter, the children are all back at school.

We may have a trip out either tomorrow or Momday but the idea is to have some time just chilling. I have 4 books I have read whilst we have been away, I will be going down to the games room and swapping them for something to keep me going until Tuesday morning.

The site at Culzean was excellent, lovely views and not far off the road, the site at Solway View was about 4 miles from Kirkcudbright up a very winding narrow road, we had trouble finding it too. The site we were on last night was also quite a way out of Dumfries, also off the beaten track up a narrow road with passing places. We were glad to navigate the road without meeting any other traffic.

I always enjoy being away in the van, but this trip  has shown us some lessons we need to take heed of in the future when planning where to go. 

I do not want to tempt fate, but DB has not had a dizzy since we have been away..... Fingers crossed.

Right that's it for today, I am off outside to read in the sun and maybe treat us to a magnum, they do the white chocolate ones here, yum yum.

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  1. How wonderful to hear that, despite the rain, you're safely at the pleasant Camping and Caravan Club campsite and have a conveniently located parking site, too.

    Keeping my fingers crossed about you-know-what, too!

    We had a huge thunderstorm last night and all looks greener and brighter today. At least the pollen has been washed off everything.

    Ohhhhh, white chocolate yumminess!!



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