Thursday, 10 April 2014

Suuny again

Sun was shining again this morning and it got quite warm in the garden, we decided it was time we put in the clematis, I thought we had 6 found in actual fact we have 10!! Two of them are quite small so I am going to re-pot and grow them on for another year.

The two wigwams at the back have cleamtis going up them, the hostas are all shooting.

Just on the corner of the house, the flowers are starting to form on this one.

     There are 5 wigwams 4 on the wall and one on the corner.

This is the Azalea my friend gave me over 15 years ago. Its still going strong and will be full in bloom shortly.

                    The alpine bed in the front edge of the patio.

The herb container by the door, I can just nip out and cut what I want.

We were out for most of the morning. R the gardener turned up to cut the grass, so the garden is looking quite posh. Its a pity the sun went in just as I was about to serve lunch. We were going to eat outside but it turned quite chilly, so lunch was taken in the kitchen.

Supper tonight, macaroni cheese, jacket potato, tomato and celery salad, banana for dessert.

I have to go to Aldi in the morning for a few bits we need to take with us, fill the car up with diesel at Tesco ready for our trip next week and get a pre loaded card for the mi-fi.

DB's palps did not last too long yesterday, they had gone by the time we went to bed. I was woken at just after 2am by someone coming in next door. Their stairs are against out bedroom wall, the door shutting woke me.


  1. Your garden is looking wonderful. I especially love the herb box. Wonderfully handy next to the door. Best Wishes....Barb

  2. All your plants are looking healthy, and the alpine garden is so pretty.
    Sorry you seem to have thoughtless neighbours next door and upstairs. Hope it all settles down for you then you can start to enjoy living in your very attractive home.


  3. How lovely your flower beds, pots, and planters look and what a delightful improvement over the bare ground there was when you and DB moved in. Applause for the beauty your hard work has produced and cheers for the convenient location of your herbs! Ta for the photos!

    Hope you and DB feel wonderful in every way for the duration of the time before your trip and during it.

    It is hard to get used to close neighbors when noises come thru walls and ceilings. Perhaps if you hung a quilt behind the head of your bed that might muffle the sounds a bit. Maybe?


  4. Oh no, noisy neighbours next door as well as upstairs. What a shame.

    Your garden is looking good, how much garden have you got there? Handy that you don't have to mow the grass, do you just have the border and room for pots that's for your use?

  5. The garden is looking lovely and looks so well established all ready, it will be great when it starts blooming. Sorry to hear you have noisy neighbours, here's hoping it was a one-off. Vee x


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