Monday, 14 April 2014

Sunny Again

Sunny again today, laundry done over night out on the whirly, quite a strong breeze so it has dried.

Monday clean done, DB hovered and then went out into the garden, he has planted potatos in some ground he has dug, not sure if they will really do much, you just never know.

We decided to go into town after lunch and change our library books, we want to move the caravan tomorrow so we can put the power on and start to load up ready for Thursday morning. R and the children passed us whilst we were waiting at the bus stop, they were walking into town.

Back home, time for a cuppa and the last of DD2's carrot cake, laundry fetched in and whirly put away till tomorrow.

Supper tonight egg,chips and beans, plum crumble for dessert.

Some time ago I made 4 three dudes blocks from a video by Jenny Doan. I decided to make them into a table centre, had to fudge them a bit, because the blocks end up on the bias they can stretch if you are not  careful.

I have it to layer up and quilt.


  1. Wishing you a wonderful trip. I love your purple 3 Dudes blocks. Yes, they are bias and require some TLC. They look lovely.

  2. That looks so beautiful! I love the colourway. WS xxx

  3. I love your small quilt. It will look beautiful when backed and quilted.
    Best wishes for a lovely holiday. Look forward to hearing all about it on your return. Hope you meet up with all your friends.


  4. How nice to have a sunny day for your library trip, garden work, and even the cleaning. Hope the potatoes do well.

    Am admiring your pretty little quilt top and am glad it came together despite those bias edges! The purples and greens look lovely together.

    DS2 is 30 years old today and it's now hard to believe he weighted only 2lb 3oz when born 3 months early. Later we're having spice cake that AMIL made as that's his favorite flavor cake.



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